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This is disappointing. I was always much more likely to use the walking directions with the phone
This is such a great idea. A few weeks ago I was saying how much I wished fandango would send QR code to scan rather than a confirmation number
I think just the name Ashton Kutcher does it for me
For those who still think that TSA is anything more than security theater designed to make you feel safer without actually doing much of anything. I give you this http://gmancasefile.blogspot.com/2012/01/tsa-fail.html
Why would you attribute the filmography to Sorkin when he isn't a director? I assume your beef with that would be with David Fincher who actually directed the thing.  Sorkin is a fine more than capable writer who should be able to write a decent movie
No it won't.  You still get the same silly blackout rules which usually pops up on Saturday's when FOX has their broadcast
because live sports is more of a draw than the Disney Channel is
I can't help but chuckle at the thought of Steve micromanaging an absurd menu for this
That almost looks like the new one they just built in Houston.  Houston's had less glass protruding from the front but it had a glass back wall too unlike the NYC store
Putting it side by side with last year's I didn't even noice the slight increase in thickness. It does feel a little heavier and warmer but neither are a big deal at all. I may sound crazier here but the screen actually feels smoother if that makes any sense at all
New Posts  All Forums: