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They probably changed packaging since icloud debuted. My launch day iPad 2's box doesn't have the logo on it
So you want Samsung to cut off it's nose to spite it's face? Okay if that works for you
Yeah I know, it's just what Samsung was harping on in that email they sent out to the press
Not just a styus but a pressure senstive styus as the ipad can only detect one pressure
I got that email this morning too. Hopefully it'll come a little bit early
I really like how the new interface looks. That seems to be a huge improvement at the very least
Google sells products. Their products are avertising space but it's something
You can always plan for the trip and upload the videos you're planning to watch before and take them off when you get back. It's generally what I do
Agreed. It's weird especially with a director with a track record of Stanton. Nemo and Walle were both fantastic movies so I'll give this a chance
But the name is only worth money because of Apple. It was worth pennies while Proview owned it
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