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It was one of Atlanta, Philly, or Houston (Bush not Hobby)   I think it was Bush actually back in May
The last time I used it they scanned the phone and handed me a plastic thingy with a number on it to carry through the rest of the checkpoint
What I really wish that they would do is put the alphabet near the scroll bar area like they have in iOS
  Wasn't the white iphone delayed because they couldn't get the paint right for the glass?
I have noticed that white is more popular of late. It's why I bought a sky type blue color when I bought my Prius in June
  Perhaps the Justice Department should look into this rather than ebook price fixing...
Hey now that's unfair. Look at that they have a shiny new logo
I think you're right that many of the machines in mission control are Sun based. At the very least it was an OS that I wasn't completely familiar with when I worked in there a few months ago during the SpaceX mission.
It's real money, but it's not like it's flushed into space. It's paid out to scientists, engineers, and administrator in the form of salaries. NASA seems bad because that number seems really high but when you compare it to the rest of the government it's a tiny drop in the bucket
Actually NASA lets their engineers have a choice between a windows machine and an Apple machine. At least in JSC the apple machines are running Snow Leopard
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