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But the name is only worth money because of Apple. It was worth pennies while Proview owned it
Exactly. Just buy the song and create the ringtone in garage band
Perhaps this is why Pogue still recieved Mountain Lion a week early and had it demoed to him
The Nittany Lion is just a mountain lion who makes its home on Mount Nittany
Yes and more yes
Another good question would be: why would the content providers produce content in that format for a limited subset of sets
Just because I didn't go in expecting it to be as good as it was. I mean it's been a long time since Woody Allen made a movie as good as this was in many years
Midnight in Paris was a surprisingly good movie
Sorkin was a good dramatic writer on the west wing and A Few Good Men (though the ending with the salute in the courtroom was cliched)...Also his work on Sports Night while not at all popular was in fact good
It'd be nice to have some for of clock app to come with it if just for the alarms but there's 3rd party options so it's not a particularly big deal
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