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If it'd be an ipad you'd have to take it out of whatever bag you're carrying it around in
Thursday really does seem odd. Their usual go to is Tuesday. I think I remember a Wednesday once or twice but I could be mistaken
I believe they're launching their own app in October
To be fair to Bono he has an eye condition where he is very sensitive to light and needs to wear the sun glasses to prevent damage rather than wearing them because he's some "big artist star"
It's been much worse than this. Remember the great debacle of the 3G where we had to activate the phone is store and a combination of ATT's and Apple's servers wilted under the pressure  Good times
It went through pretty quickly on the app
The the store is up in the app
I'm oddly refreshed having taken a quick nap prior to this 
They did the in store pick up thing for the 4 as well. I selected that because I had baseball tickets early that afternoon and I thought I'd be able to just hop in the store and walk out. They had two lines. One for those who already had a preorder and one who did not. They served the people with per orders first and I ended up waiting in line for 4 hours and didn't get to the game until the 3rd inning. So yeah this is a good thing, but also expect some lines as well if...
I'm just hoping that Apple's site handles this better than they did the live stream yesterday
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