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To be fair though Silver's 538 stuff was always free to read. It was never behind their weird firewall
Mine are OGA (Morel, though that might be a high end. Though they're out of France so they should be available in Europe
Well it's a good thing that there's still three more seasons to go in the year
 It's not only that but you also have cable companies (comcast) owning content providers (NBC Universal)
Along the same lines I've found that if you use the Apple TV as second monitor the quality is much improved over mirroring the screen on your source
 I've kept mine purely because it's unlocked and for the off chance that I travel over seas
Agreed though it might not be as simple as that. A lot of cars implement their own voice recognition outside of the infotainment system and then pass the command through to the phone rather than passing what was said to the phone. Because of this Siri is basically unusable when it's connected to the car
I'm pretty sure that one was extremely sarcastic in nature
Because you don't have to give a reason why you don't offer something. You just say "I'm sorry that's not on our menu" and the conversation ends. This is like trying to force a restaurant to serve you something off menu or a store to carry something that they don't carry. And yes businesses that are open to the public should be forced to take anybody's money for a service or good that they provide. Otherwise we might as well go back to segregation
 I'm a white straight male in America and this is such a poor argument. We have it better than anybody else. We as a group have never been oppressed nor have we not been in a position of power. We don't know what true discrimination is no matter your claims of it
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