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The Muslim caterer wouldn't have been selected by your fictional client. Generally when you're looking for caterers you'll have access to their menus and you wouldn't select one that doesn't have an item that you must have on their menu
Didn't listen to the age old rule of super hero costumes: No capes!
I'd go even further. Neither Breaking Bad nor Mad Men would have made it past a first season. You'd lose a lot of the critically acclaimed but low watched shows with the sort of model people were describing above 
The price of the best sellers increased while the average price fell I believe
Liar liar pants on fire nose as long as a telephone wire
Not caring about the job and not wanting the position are two wildly different things. The office is generally sought after by those who are want power for themselves and it's my opinion that doesn't make for the best leader
Ideally it'd be somebody who doesn't want to be president. Though Congress is a tire fire so it doesn't particularly matter who is president
You can't compare it to paperbacks. Paperbacks aren't released until well after the hardcover sales while ebooks are released when the hardcover edition is. The publishers, authors, editors need to make money and a $4 ebook won't. Producing, storing, and shipping of the hardcovers are only a small fraction of the cost of the book ($3.25 for a book that costs around $26)
Why does the screen have to be round? There are analog watches with square faces after all
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