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Why does the screen have to be round? There are analog watches with square faces after all
There's no paid lunch in Texas
You can dictate emoji?
Are you saying that there's no good music left? That's impossible considering how many people are making music now. Admittedly there's a lot of bad stuff as well and the cream doesn't always rise to the top, but if you have the patience you'll find something you like. The whole "music hasn't been good since (whatever era you want)" just reeks of somebody getting older and not wanting stuff to change
 It's probably not close at all. If the models were selling approximately the same it would probably be safe to expect the Samsung phone to take the top spot for at least one carrier (the same for the 5c topping Samsung once). The fact that the phones were in the same order for each of the carriers indicates to me that the models on top are selling many more than the model below it
I don't think they like to work a low paying job for many hours just to earn enough money to live
To be fair they probably also examined the body/ autopsy reports. It'd be really difficult to see if the working conditions could have caused a death if you didn't know the reason the person died.
Thanks. I'll watch it when I get home
Can the two services preform the same tasks? It's one thing that they translate and understand what you're asking, and other thing if the service cannot perform the task. I'm thinking specifically that Siri can buy your movie tickets for you and you can ask it something along the lines of "Can you remind me to pick up milk when I get to the grocery store?". Having no experience with Google's service I don't know whether it can do that or not
This is the same store. Stockton street borders Union Square. The fountain the city was trying to protect is in the rendering and moved a little closer to the street. They're adding their own water feature to the plaza. SF actually only has  3 apple stores though I would imagine that there's many more spread throughout the valley. For comparison Houston has 4 stores inside the city limit and 3 just outside
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