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I just want an update to the desktop version of iPhoto to have the same feature suite as the iOS version. Also a better way to sync iPhoto libraries between the desktop and iOS version would be nice. It's a pain if you edit a photo on the iPad and would like it to show up on the Mac (you have to save it to the camera roll, delete the original on the computer, and reimport. Plus it'll save two copies on the iPad which isn't great)
 I agree. Also annoying is that my ipad and mac trends to forget the phone number associated with iMessage which makes for a very jumbled conversation
 I believe that photos in photstream are excluded when calculating how much space you're using
 I don't think that we were swiping it wrong but they added the navigation feature through the menus where if you swipe to the right it goes back one level (to the inbox, back in Safari, or parent menu in settings)
 They didn't. It's now swiping a different direction I believe
 I live 1000 miles away from anybody who could conceivably want to reach me in the middle of the night. There's nothing I could do anyways so I turn it off
I have one complaint about iOS 7 on the iPhone. It's that the boot screen is white with a black apple logo. It makes turning your phone on in the morning a little painful for the eyes
 You forgot "to force people to pay attention to the safety briefing"
Perhaps he's just missing LOST
This really surprises me. When I bout the first half of season 5 to catch up that was all I assumed I was getting. At least for me Apple didn't really have to do this
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