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Can the two services preform the same tasks? It's one thing that they translate and understand what you're asking, and other thing if the service cannot perform the task. I'm thinking specifically that Siri can buy your movie tickets for you and you can ask it something along the lines of "Can you remind me to pick up milk when I get to the grocery store?". Having no experience with Google's service I don't know whether it can do that or not
This is the same store. Stockton street borders Union Square. The fountain the city was trying to protect is in the rendering and moved a little closer to the street. They're adding their own water feature to the plaza. SF actually only has  3 apple stores though I would imagine that there's many more spread throughout the valley. For comparison Houston has 4 stores inside the city limit and 3 just outside
It was in the Side/ rear view from Stockton Street one
Based on that criteria there's no way Apple should have lost considering cost was the least weighted aspect
Nah I would imagine that the 4th gen's release was timed to come out with the lightning connection
This confuses me. I can't believe that pandora is wide spread enough where both the people who like iTunes radio better and the people who have never used Pandora fits in a 8% window
I think that they're separate apps is based on Twitter's limiting of the amount of users a new app can use rather than greed on Tapbots's end. 
I'm of two minds about it. On one hand I'm annoyed with everything you said here, but I can't call it pathetic because I'm noticing significant performance improvements on my 5 year old Mac. Of which I'm grateful for though I am now debating on whether or not I need a new laptop or not
I'm still frustrated that iPhoto for the Mac still doesn't have the same feature suite as for iOS. All I really wanted was the auto horizon detection on the desktop. Oh well hopefully they'll have a better method to keep your photo libraries synced between the iPad and Mac but I doubt it 
I just want an update to the desktop version of iPhoto to have the same feature suite as the iOS version. Also a better way to sync iPhoto libraries between the desktop and iOS version would be nice. It's a pain if you edit a photo on the iPad and would like it to show up on the Mac (you have to save it to the camera roll, delete the original on the computer, and reimport. Plus it'll save two copies on the iPad which isn't great)
New Posts  All Forums: