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Sure, but it's a large phone and if you look at the UMTS bands there is likely only phone, that works for most of Europe. There will be the 4 GSM (aka: 2G) bands but that is hardly acceptable for a "world mode" status these days. You just aren't going to get any 3G in North America outside of the CDMA carrier it's liked to. An how power efficient is that phone and how much does it cost for Apple to license CDMa chips that 85% of their consumer bae will never use? These...
Sounds like they had a hard time finding 10 tablets. I'm sure next year the options will be different and I'm sure CR will proclaim that te competition is catching up.
When did they test a Xoom with SD card support and Flash?
6' from a MicroCell? There is something else going on you need to look into.
I've never seen one. There are quasi-"world mode" phones that support both CDMA/EV-DO as GSM/UMTS bands but all the ones I've seen only support a single UMTS band. Not exactly "world mode" or feasible for Apple when their iPhone is penta-band with four bands in use. Then consider the cost in space for extra chips as well as a less efficient system in regards to power usage. Up until CES the iPhone was the smallest modern smartphone, and might still be the smallest sold...
Forgive me if this has been addressed already, but is the same nanometer process required for the entire package or could Apple be saving total package size in other areas that are simply not cost effective for their competition due to economics of scale?
Speaking of higher frame rates: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/new...ds-make-172916
The typical rebuttal to Apple's success: Soon. Soon, soon, soon! Ate we talking about technology or Waiting for Godot?You honestly think it's wrong to compare products that are shipping now than ones that will eventually be shipping in products that don't yet exist. You have no idea what Apple has planned for future chips so you've ignored it, just like you've ignored the Tegra 2-based Xoom with 1GB RAM barely besting a year old iPad with a single-core Cortex-A8 and GPU...
1) Because Apple has a history of releasing betas so that they can pull on over some people on Internet a couple days later. 2) April 1 is plastered all over these sites with these svreenshots because it's a date that makes up 1/365 of the year. Tomorrow sites will plaster April 2 due to the chronological nature of time as we know it. It's funny that way.
New Posts  All Forums: