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We still have to wait for some 7" tablets with a modern tablet OS to be released. So far we have seen some overpriced Archos crap with and without Android, and some other devices last year running a smartphone version of Android. The PlayBook will likey be te first modern 7" tablet and Asus will likely have the first decent Honeycomb tablet. BTW, that's decent compared to other non-iPad tablets.
It sure sounds like it, but they have an out since they did it before they had a monopoly in the mobile OS market. What MS did was use their actual monopoly in Windows to force down competition with internet browsers. I can't imagine Google could get in trouble for this action.
He doesn't even acknowledge those projections were based on an "open" Android platform. But that probably never crossed his mind.
So you're saying 3rd-party Android apps are complete shit. It's good to see you finally admit that.
1) It's hard to say if it's too late. Even now Nokia is much better off financially than Apple was prior to its rise from the ashes. I don't foresee Nokia doing why Apple accomplished, but they don't need to in order to be viable. 2) Like dumbphones, Symbian can be the majority while still making Nokia a competitor in smartphones and helping solidify WP7 as a smartphone OS. 3) I like WP7. It's what I'd choose (on HTC HW) if I could use an iPhone. If what I hear about...
When Apple first premiered AirPlay I think we discussed a VGA adapter for projectors that would allow corporate and classroom use without the need of the inelegant WiFi router + full AppleTV just to get AirPlay access. I think this rumour holds water becuause Apple has a history of doing this sort of thing; bypassing intermediate solutions that we want now in order to setup some farsighted solution. Throw in the profit they could make from the licensing, especially if it...
That was my original idea for Apple owning the HEC*, when a technology like AirPlay seemed like it was science-fiction and Apple hasn't mentioned any SoCs they've designed in-house. Now that they've done that I can see simply selling the SoC to be one dedicated input. That doesn't exclude the option for Apple to license the entire AppleTV setup as a single package I just described, but since Apple has been adamantly against livensing their OS in any way, shape or form I...
People seem to overlook these simple and common ways to access your account. At least with NFC in a smartphone there are ways to protect (E.g.: passcode), track (E.g.: GPS/Find My iPhone), and erase (E.g.: Find My iPhone) your account info in ways that make it inherently more secure than handing a plastic card with a magnetic strip and emboldened numbers to a person making near minimum wage with little to lose. I'd wager the weakest point for most are weak passwords that...
Many thanks to the Chicken Littles that didn't stand in line so I could enjoy my iPad 2 since the day it went on sale. PS: Bug-free software is a goal you strike for but can never achieve in these complex devices. No matter when you buy your CE it will have bugs that are yet undiscovered.
You went from not knowing any to backing up my point with a category example. Why does the percentage matter when we're talking about Apple's UI. This isn't Motorola. Can you really see Apple changing their display size and saying, "Meh, it's good enough. So why if some elements are off."? I certainly can't. It's ther UI they seem to put the most attention to detail so why would just not bother all of a sudden?
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