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I think every conparison I've seen had both models on v4.3.
Great post, TBell.
If you're a racist, sure.
There is a screw underneath on the inside you can adjust. I'm not sure if it's for resistance or travel.
Read your contract. It clearly states that the data is to be used for the device, and not to be used for any and all devices you wish to connect to it. If you got your way and unlimited data could be used to connect to an unlimited number of PCs running up terabytes of usage per month then the price of the unlimited data would skyrocket to account for that. Don’t even try to compare the cost of a broadband cable connection to the cost of cellular broadband.
Anyone who says that constantly talks up conspiracy theories about technology while using technology to convey that message falls into that category. Do you not recall the talk about how Bluetooth and WiFi and NFC will lead to the government controlling your minds and watching everything you do?
And that they counted 1xRTT with speeds slower than AT&T’s EDGE as ‘3G’ since it fell under CDMA2000. AT&T were fools not to exploit that fact.
Every new model is the first generation of that model. There is so much changing in each model that there is no sense to waiting for the next model. If you need or want the device then get it, don’t deprive yourself of an item for 3 years because you think it won’t work right until some magical time has passed. These aren’t new cars that keep the same design with only very minor tweaks for 5 year cycles.
That also means, according to the data, that 30% of the people waiting for hours in line to get an iPad 2 on the day it launches were never iPad 1 owners.
That ended as soon as itvwas known the Tab was being shipped with Andrpid 2.x and Google said it wouldn't be until 2011 that a tablet version of Android would be available.
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