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This is why I like your posts wen if I don't often agree with what your write.
Maybe, the CPU was surely holding back how mug data TW WiFi could process at once. Also, and probably unrelated, the new MBPs are the first Apple end user devices to use 3x3 MIMO, according to AnandTech. What I the WiFi chip in the new iPad.
16GB WiFi* Black Smart Cover (Navy) * Jailbroken iPhone with MyWi.
You'll find a lot just listing the number of "cells". It's simply amazing that Samab thinks Apple is so awful in having better than average batteries and isn't listing enough data despite listing more than the competition.
If only there was a way to determine mAh from Watts and Voltage. Hopefully one day we'll possess the math to figure it out. Oh, and let's not forget that Apple is the company that lists realistic battery times for realistic usage and actually lists the audio, video, Internet for WiFi, internet for 3G, and talk time (for the iPhone). Show me a single other CE device that is that detailed or accurate.
HAHA I doubt he was even near an Apple Store unless there is one in his secret lair, command center (aka, basement). He’s on this site long enough to know how they close the stores before 5pm, then setup the displays, and then reopen to sell the merchandise. Does he really want us to think he’s so dumb to think they had them on display all day long and had to keep telling customers, “we aren’t selling them to you, we just wanted to fuck with you for the day.” I didn’t...
It’s there power management that they designed more efficiency, not the battery cell composition themselves.
It's surely harder to see the stuff but there is a lot more inside with each new gadget evolution.
Yes, that was confirmed the day it was announced.
We knew this from the event a week and a half ago.
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