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You need to fix your App Store. Read the developer help forums.
What an asinine comment. "Lightnight bolt”? Really? You’re making a argument that Apple decides what options they will offer to their consumers when every company does that. Just because you don’t like the options doesn’t make it wrong. I just looked on Dell’s site, and there is no option for ½” notebook with 3 Blu-ray drives and 128 terabytes of storage for $300. Those assholes!
Are you saying that upping the specs in these phones means they just drop in better components without altering the internal design? That’s simply not the case. The iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS kept the same case but it was a huge jump in design in pretty much every way. Even the display was different even though it retained the same resolution. The original iPhone and iPhone 3G have a lot more in common with each other despite the addition of a new case, 3G and GPS than the...
I think the problem was with the flash, not the camera itself. Does the VGA camera on the front of the iPad have a flash?
You really think the next iPhone will come out in early April despite no event for it and no iOS 5.0 demo of new features and developer Betas to shore up issues with the code? Good luck with that.
What is is about iPhone sales that you just can’t wrap your head around. Do you not see the increased sales in quarters AFTER *gasp* the product refreshes. Now lets consider that they still can’t make as many as the black iPhones so this will help get production kinks worked out before they get a surge in sales from the new model arriving and even more white iPhones will have to be made. OMG logic and economics!
Do they even exist for the drive sizes they need? How reliable are they? How many decibels are they when running at full tilt?You don’t think there is a purpose to their reasoning? That’s just a frivolous absurdity that somehow got overlooked?
An iMac makes the most sense, but the conversation is never about that. It’s always about putting it in the MBPs. I have to think the DVD drive has more moving parts and the most prone to breakage under warranty than any other component in shipping PCs.
Considering that up until last year the only way Apple could get Blu-ray in their notebooks would have been to make a much thicker MBP to accommodate the 12.7mm drives. How much are the 9.5mm Blu-ray drives in those thin notebooks? Are they still $500-600 like they were in mid-2010?
System Profiler.
New Posts  All Forums: