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He's trying to act like he's not trolling but then making FUD claims that Apple won't ever update the iPhone 3GS again after 4.3 without backing up with statement of "fact" is a classic troll tactic.
Yes. I think that’s fair, do you not think that’s fair? Go back a little and you’d be charged excessive rates per MB or KB that far exceed the $10/GB rate they charge now.
But it's patently false. Apple has the longest update cycle for mobile devices. There is even plenty of anecdotal evidence that shows Macs last longer running at usable speeds mih longer than from vendors selling Windows PCs. For your comments to be correct you'd hav to how some proof that Apple is purposely hobbling each and every device or wells after a given timeframe. But you can't because that just isn't good business. In fact, the only reason Apple can offer iPhone...
Two years is a eons compared to the rest of the smartphone industry. But not that you don’t have clue about 2 years, you only know that the iPhone 3G is no longer getting updates, something it was having issues with on some units from the start of iOS 4.0. Some will try to say it was a conspiracy, but then why even update it at all? Oh yeah, to make your phone run so slowly that you have to buy an iPhone 4.
if only Brainless would post the exact opposite of what is true… oh, wait, he did.
7m + 1. :d
His judgement is obviously clouded by his hate for Apple or he's bot smart enough to realize that a process to make a process more efficient can be a rede secret. In fact, if we go back to early production of steel I-beams we can see this very thing (I forget the person who oneness it). I wonder why he thinks Apple is able is able to mill the Mac Mini case and the top case for the MBA display and yet so few vendors are able to copy Apple's lead here except in a minimal...
Your winning argument is that seeing a box cover of software is more informative about the product than an entire website and an internet of user reviews, video clips and demos/trials devoted to it? Unbelievable!
You point out how foolish his comment really is and I bet he doesn't even see it.
I’m surprised AI didn’t pick up on that. Where does iOS and others fit in that list when you account for its other mobile offerings?
New Posts  All Forums: