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Just ordered two today for the wife and I. I went with the 42mm Space gray sport with a black sport band, she did the same but the 38mm. I like the stainless steel but the increase in price just isn't worth it to me. Also I wanted to see them in person and try them on before I commited to a purchase. So now I get to wait awhile. That's ok.
Can you have two people logged in at the same time, like Netflix can do? Is there any option for that?
Count the wife and I in on these numbers for black friday weekend. Finally found a couple space grey 64 GB 6 pluses at a local store and snatched them up. It did take us a while to find any in stock.    So far I have to say I am happy to be back in the Apple ecosystem although I did enjoy my stay in the windows phone world for awhile.    Nice to have ALL the apps available again and I have to say the phones are very lite for the size. Display is great too. Still...
Interesting that when he tried to bend the iPhone 6 his thumbs were not "together" which lessens the effective length to the fulcrum point, also lessening the torque at the fulcrum. All the other phones he had his thumbs together, and on the Lumia they were actually on top of each other a bit. try the iPhone again with your thumbs together and lets see what happens. Not trying to bag on the iPhone 6, in fact I am considering coming back in to the fold with this...
Haha, yeah I should have....!
Uh huh...... 
Even my friends at work who are still rockin' the iPhone 4 use two hands with it almost all the time. Especially when texting they are using two thumbs. Just admit it - one handed usability for most people is NOT a major priority.
Sorry guys ridiculous post I know. I really shouldn't come from the bar and go on AI.  I think the reason I posted this was I am just annoyed at the blinders people have on for Apple on this site, so much so that most (not all) of the people here cannot discuss technology products in an unbiased way for the life of them. I guess I am pointing out also that regardless of the profits of Apple, they sure aren't making their shareholders much money compared to certain other...
"The market researcher takes into account five key factors: performance, ease of use, styling/design, features and price; based on a 1,000 point-scale, Samsung's overall score was 835, while Apple's offerings netted 833, and 826 for Amazon. Just saying....the title claims otherwise. Endgadgets take on it fyi.   I personally have never been impressed with samsung tablets but my opinion is just one opinion.
GOOG  $1030.58 AAPL $522.70   LOL   Keep talking crap about everyone else....it's amusing.
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