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Having the base model be 32 GB is a great idea....I have 32 GB on my phone and it's barely enough! 
I couldn't care less if a larger iphone is operable in one hand as i have two hands. Gimme a 5" iPhone 6. For me that would be about perfect.
 I could care less if "they" are making money. I don't have Amazon stock. All I care about is if they give me decent hardware for the right price. This is on target. Hopefully it pushes Apple to not be so damn greedy on their prices for tablets and especially memory upgrades.  Laugh all you want they are going to gain marketshare and customers.
 Haha! Yes, I'm sure they will.
TS will love this rumor!
Where's the champagne gold option?
 Looks like a decent upgrade for the iMacs, but how well is that mobile chipset gonna push the display at native resolution in modern games? For those of us really into PC games it isn't going to touch a real desktop setup.
"Defeats the purpose of a tablet, doesn't it?" Not really. You can still take it with you for other purposes, doesn't have to be using apps that require a large monitor to use efficiently.
 Ok I get you. Yes there is added cost to get to that setup to get "real" work done. Certainly we can agree working on large spreadsheets or whatever isn't ideal on a 10" display.
 I realize this is not what a lot of people want in a tablet. For some that need to use more powerful applications and want portability this may be a good choice. As soon as you can dock your mac mini and then take it with you to a meeting (on battery power) etc, etc, let me know. Still looking for that built in display on the mini too.
New Posts  All Forums: