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 Well first of all, your mac mini isn't a tablet. So what's your point exactly?
 Surface Pro 2 has a dock allowing two monitors to be connected. I think you can get work done on those......
Upgraded my third gen no problem. Took awhile to complete but it works fine. I always use a wired network connection to it however.
WP8 is just the start of a snowball. It may grow bigger and faster as it goes. Apple is dominant now but what about in 10 years? Who knows.
Takes petroleum to make plastics? Hehe
Bigger screen so that they can see easier? Exactly! It is also nice just to have a little more screen real estate to see things like spreadsheets or read web pages.  I already switched to a Lumia 920 last year and the size is not an issue. (I am not saying it is the perfect phone, but it does have some great features not found on Apples phones) Besides this most of the time I "talk" on the phone it is through bluetooth in the car, so the size doesn't matter at all. In fact...
 iPhone will never be the ultimate mobile games machine until it has a larger screen. Sorry.
 Yeah investors do like money coming in.....my Apple stock down 22.8% since I invested.....on the other hand my Nokia stock is up 59.3% since investing. Sad.
 Always back up your ripped/converted versions. While it certainly isn't difficult to convert a movie collection for ATV it can be time consuming. Just do it once. One backup device is not enough.
New Posts  All Forums: