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 Yeah I suppose. i think we will call the new cases the iSwat!
Hate those cases. Dirt is going to accumulate in every hole on the back. If I buy a case for a phone I DON'T want to see the original color through gaps and holes!   On the positive side the new cases double as a portable fly swatter! Innovative!
 Too big and is not a phone, but I am waiting to see if retina mini comes out and will compare to Nexus 7 (2013). Would like a new tablet this year.
 The main missing new feature for me is the fact that it has the same tiny screen. Why can't they make it in a 4.8"-5"?! Oh well, maybe next year.....
     Fastest adoption rate in history won't change the crappy icons and colors they chose for ios7 now will it? They could have done much better imo.
More storage is always better....what a laughable excuse for less storage - "you just think it's better (SPECS!)" !!! You're right, no one wants to customize things for their own tastes.../s  UI Customization isn't for kids or people who want to dick around! How ridiculous. Also, reason #2 is BS.
     Agreed. I just bought my wife one for her birthday and so far it is working as advertised. She is just mainly using it for media consumption...but there are plenty of other app types available also.  If the retina mini would have been out I would have probably gone with one, but Apple was too late with it. I will still probably pick one up for myself at a later date (iPad mini retina that is) so I can directly compare the two at that time. Hopefully the new mini is...
Good point. I am not sure why I keep it. But on the other hand I still have a Nokia 3320 sitting in a drawer too. I have been downloading the ios 7 betas just to check it out. I have hope that Apple will someday listen to those of us who want a bigger screen and make a great large screen iPhone (around 4.5-5.0 inches) I am not happy with the look of ios7 so far but it is still very functional for the most part. As you can see I am not loyal to any manufacturer. I buy...
I really don't care what the hell you think. I have Apple products and other companies products and I am stating my opinion. I loved my iPhone 4 for quite awhile but since Apple cannot make a screen bigger than a paltry 4" I moved on. No important apps? Yeah ok. What is Instagram something important to you. That's telling.
I love the Nokia 920. I like the OS a lot too. Yes they are still waiting on some big apps but there really isn't much I need that I don't have. I take pictures alot and appreciate a good camera built in. Would love to upgrade to the 1020 but waiting on my two year discount.    My iPhone 4 sits in the drawer now.
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