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It would be nice to have longer battery life in the Nexus 7 but if you need to look at a tablet device for more than 6 hours a day you have other issues to deal with.
Airplay is NOT the main reason I have an ATV (x3)   In fact, I never use airplay at all.
At least it has a high res display unlike the iPad mini!
Most people have two hands available anyway so who cares if it is "ultracomfortable" for one hand operation? I don't.   But I would like to be able to see the crap on my phone without reading glasses.
I have three ATV's (one 3rd gen, two first gen) and two XBox 360's (one first day box and a newer 250GB version....and BTW, never a red ring of death!!) Anyhow, when I can stream from either box I prefer to stream from the ATV - mainly because of the interface and when compared to the XBoxes  the ATV is much quieter.
I'm sure some people will want these, but personally at this point I have zero interest in one. That could change depending on the capabilities they have of course.
Yes, he's serious. Only thing I can see wrong in his post is that the facebook on WP8 is not quite the same as on iPhone, but it still does what I need it to do. Obviously you haven't spent much time with a WP8 device....
Wrong....   Shazam - Yes G+ - Yes Geico app? Who f'n cares? I use wella fargo and the webpage has all the functionality I need... Google music? There is Spotify which I would much prefer anyway, and Nokia Music if you have a Lumia. Vine is coming Mint is coming   Only thing that bugs me is no Logmein official app.
      How does that Canon fit in your pocket anyway? I think the yellow 1020 looks very good. I take a lot of pictures and yeah, if you are taking pics at a wedding or some big event and don't mind carrying around a heavy huge camera to get the best pics, then a large digital SLR is perfect. For very good pics whenever and wherever you are, the Lumia owns. 
      Yeah iOS is the fresh face....lol. parralax effect and pastel colors....so different from the grid of icons from the first iPhone! I'll take my WP8 look and feel over iOS anyday thank you. (although iOS is getting closer after copying some of the style of WP and Android!)
New Posts  All Forums: