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HAHA! That is SO true....   Now off to find iOS7 Beta 2........
HBO to go works for DirecTV now!! Awesome. Thank you DirecTV for allowing this. (as it should be)
Was waiting for HBO to go on the ATV. Updated software and there the icon was! Go to activate the device and guess what? If DirecTV is your provider you can't use HBO Go on the ATV! Totally useless! WTH is the difference between using it on XBox 360 (allowed) vs ATV? Quite annoying.....   Has anyone else found a way to use it with a DirecTV subscription?
Yes I understand your points and mostly agree. But the screen is still a bit small for my taste (and eyes). Improved, but not enough for myself. iPhone 5 is an amazing phone in many ways. As far as the updates from M$ it is a concern, but it seems that M$ is really pushing for marketshare and I am hoping they will follow up in a more timely fashion. Apple is very good about updating IOS, but it has been my experience that some key features get left out for those on the...
Well I feel differently about this....my wife and I have had iPhone 4's since they came out. To this point, the best phone I have ever owned! But frankly, IOS is looking stale. It is still functional but I guess I'm just bored with it. Also the iPhone 5 (while certainly a very good phone) lost my interest when all they did to the screen was stretch it. (basically, I know there are other technical differences) I would love an iPhone with a 4.5 or so inch screen and an...
Sounds great until you realize you don't have GPS. That's a dealbreaker for me (as far as the wifi version) I'll pony up the extra cash for the LTE version.
Wow! Two mods can't handle one Russel,  this is fun to watch!!!
       You guys really couldn't figure out what they meant? "Dual stereo speakers" meant there are two speakers running in stereo output. You could potentially have "dual" (two) speakers that run a mono audio output, they just worded it oddly.
Off subject a bit but does anyone know what time (PST) they will be available to preorder? I think I am just going with the 16 GB with cellular.
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