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Ok I see your point....
The Lumia 920 runs windows phone 8......   The phone does look kinda interesting, camera is Carl Zeiss optics, image stabilization, wireless charging. Don't know how good Win Phone 8 will be though. Looks nice but that ain't saying much.
      Yes, a lower resolution screen than iPad 3 but still higher PPI than iPad 2! So, I guess the iPad 2 is crap now......        I'm still ordering 2 unless there is a glaring shortcoming that becomes apparent after launch.
Sorry but this part cracks me up.....     Use iPhone Regularly For proper maintenance of a lithium-based battery, it’s important to keep the electrons in it moving occasionally. Be sure to go through at least one charge cycle per month (charging the battery to 100% and then completely running it down). I do at minimum one a day. Of course it is a 2 year old iPhone4 but still. It is like they want you to barely use the features of the phone to achieve decent battery...
Exactly!! It will be a good product to take along with you because of the smaller size. If I was to use an iPad only around the home I would get the larger version.   I'll take two please!!!
That is over a 12% increase in cost! How could Apple let this happen? /s   It is so negligible this article doesn't even matter.
Since it isn't even out yet how would you know if it is a "terrible" product!? (fixed)   You always say crap like this when anyone else comments on a not released product......funny to see you do the same thing.   You know I love to hate you Tallest, but I'm still glad you're here. :P
I was just meaning that yes, you summed up what i think about them tracking users for targeting ads. I just don't see it as such a horrible thing like many of you do. It just doesn't bother me much. I'd much rather see an ad for something I may be interested in than something that I would never be interested in. So tell me why so many of you freak out about this practice?
Your reading comprehension is good I see.......
Like I give a crap if they see I was looking for a new motherboard or coffee or whatever. I could care less it is in no way important info except to advertisers and I use ad muncher anyway. No big deal.   For example I have a kindle with "special offers" ads while in standby. They do not bother me or intrude in the least bit. It just doesn't matter to me at all.
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