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What a ridiculous reply....seriously!
  I think I read that to keep your unlimited plan you had to pay the non subsidized price for the iphone 5? I am in the same boat as you and would love to hear a definitive answer.
I thought the Galaxy S3 in the USA was just a dual core chip? Which phone did they use for the tests? Besides that, quadcore performance advantage is only going to show up in certain applications. Other than this -I hear ya! "Now what do these tests prove that slaps fandroids silly? That a DUAL-core iPhone chip can run rings around a QUAD-core android-phone chip."
No IOS 6 for me till they fix this POS application! Come on Apple!
     Please don't feed the moderator!  
       I agree. White would be my last choice for any car. I personally don't think it is that easy to keep clean either. If I am going to have to wash the car all the time anyway, give me black, it looks the best!!
       Yeah, like the alternatives they offer for "crash" are so much more precise!!          BTW, I did Apple support through a 3rd party for about 30 months and I always had to watch what words I chose. Sometimes it just gets to be silly.
        Exactly! Besides that, the most things a lot of people will ever type on it is username/password combos and google searches!!! How long can that take with one finger?!          Another advantage to the size besides what has already been mentioned is that the weight will likely be lower making for a better e reader. I have a kindle that is much lighter than any ipad and I would much rather read on it because it is so much lighter!!          Say what you will, a...
Stupid people shouldn't own an iPad anyway.....so no biggie.
Wrong.   I have seen many people express a desire for a 7" form factor ipad made by Apple. They (and myself) would appreciate the improved portability, lower weight and likely lower price it would bring, and it would also have the Apple quality and ecosystem to make the whole package more appealing than Amazon or Google or whoevers offerings. IMO the "mini" ipad has a definite spot in the lineup and would be a fantastic success.
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