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We've got around 50 entries, please contribute if you too are waiting for/have received a 2011 Macbook Pro BTO. https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?...TWG95WEE&hl=en
Dude, I'm in the same boat. I'm going from 4GB to 8GB RAM, 15" to 17", HDD to SSD (maybe), core 2 duo to core i, maxed out every other way. I need to upgrade, two years is long enough. But look, it's all about common multiples, I'm going to start updating every two years, if Apple does this revamping every 3 years, you'll eventually be right on money (for one iteration at least). The only way would be to get a medium level machine and upgrade every year, or still get the...
Thanks for the response. I would totally agree, but what about the introduction of Thunderbolt? An entirely new protocol? It seems to me that that warrants a small media event. The only issue is, why have invitations not been sent out? I was looking for the history of Apple's events (i.e. which releases warranted a media event, how long was the lapse between invitations and the event etc.) but couldn't find anything? Is there any precedence for something like this? I'm...
Is Apple going to do a keynote for the new Macbook Pros? Or will it just be a website update?
Yeah man. After I ran Windows 7 Boot Camp on my 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, I can't get enough gaming. I can't wait for an even better graphics card. My FPS will at least double. I'm on my 9400M, I think I burnt out my 9600 because it's not even showing up in system profiler.
I haven't even read the article but I'm so excited just from the title. WAHOO! I've been checking five different rumors sites every hour for any update on the Macbook Pro. 17" i7 8GB maxed out here I come!
Great. I'm planning to go from 4GB to 8GB, 15" to 17", 3.06GHz to highest custom ordered, and, depending on the price, 500GB to an SSD. If the Core 2 Duo to i7 is a big jump, I'm in for a wild ride. Patience pays off.
My homepage is: http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/#MacBook_Pro I want to upgrade so much. I've got a 3.06 GHz 15" Core 2 Duo. I'm around 19 months.
I believe the contract states that they are tied by voice communications. That's why most articles explicitly state that it's 3G data.
I have a beautiful idea for an interface for Apple Tablet. It's been done by Apple, and suits this type of device. Imagine a full screen frontrow interface, where you can flip through giant icons and select the application you would like you use. It launches the applications full screen as if you were on a mac. No dock, No dropdown menus, no desktop, no multitasking (although I would like multitasking with this OS, apple wouldn't allow it). Portrait, lanscape however you...
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