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Disney or some other American animation house is making a dub of Spirited Away. I will not see it, because it will lose an enormous amount in the translation and censoring. "Spirited Away" is NOT a children's movie, although it does not have much violence or sex. It's rather like "Alice in Wonderland" in that respect - the ideas are far greater than a child can understand. They can still be entertaining, of course.
The TAM was a very silly enterprise. The Powerbook G3 was FASTER than it. Dear Lordd, generally you pay a premium for portability of last year's hardware specs,, but here was a BETTER laptop machine available for $3000 than the $9000 one. Granted, it looked damn cool. I think that a ThAM would be a nice idea. Wokrable? No. It woulnd't be worth the costs. Let's worry about the Fiftieth Anniversary Macintsoh instead hmm? Direct retinal nerve connection through...
Perhaps General Motors, General Electric, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Ford, Bic (the pen people), and IHOP will all get together and buy everythign everywhere and kill us all with alien death rays boom!
I agree, decent movie. The aliens were cool, although the water story wa sa little funny. The water is contaminated - I suppose, everywhere on Earth, if you can kill them in the East with it. Come on, hand-=to -and combat, if blood sprays on you,. you die from water!
I just read the Post; on the front page is a pic of our beloved former First Citizen, the almighty whatsisname. The Big Cheese, still notably called Mr. Big Cheese Clinton, Sir, by his underlings, has been involved in the Middle East recently. He has stated that if Iraq attacks Israel, he will personally grab a weapon and join the fight against the horrible invaders. Never mind that he avoided being a soldier back in his early days, when he was actually useful as a...
IT's gnomes, you fool, not pixies!
If I owned a gay footbnall team.... hmm. Well, I guess I'd pimp them on the Tip.
There will NEVER be a dual processor Powerbook G4. Perhaps in ten years when Apple has swtiched to rod logic and you can have a billion CPUs in the space of a pack of cards (or less... whatever).... Teh problem is twofold - heat and power suppply. I think that Apple won't do this.
Diagonal to what? Which direction? Yes, indeed, let's get an image here. I can't imagine how they can fit stuff in a square container with stuff going slantwise
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