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I have "reasonalble" expectations... I am looking forward to a "app random access" remote that allows swiping like an iPhone. NO more scrolling through lines of square icons. Set favorites/reorder icons easily/have folders, etc.   Easily search a "channel." Use the remote as a game controller (and/or your own iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches). For a free/cheap download - (help developers) scale up your favorite iPhone/iPad games (with the future feature of connecting with...
 This completely validates the experience (from more than 10 years ago!!) where a very good friend was the "American" Plant Manager in the US -- making "a certain key auto part" (I don't want to reveal too much). He reported to the middle/bottom of the Japanese management structure (sorry not Korean). For the first 5 years, they only spoke Japanese in their Friday management meetings that started at 6pm (heavy drinking featured). They had OEM contracts with all of the...
 Every singe American sports team are underhanded?Every singe American sports team cheat?Every singe American sports team are corrupt?I don't understand your logic behind your assertion.
Which American company?
I doubt that California law allows the transfer of trade secrets. Talent yes, secrets no.  In this case there doesn't seem to be much in the way of punishment for the perpetrator or Samsung. Is there a law against using proprietary information in Korea? Come on, what's the deal? I think of Samsung as corrupt company... willing to steal, conceal, deny and litagate... then stall, appeal, etc. By the way, the bad actions of other companies does not justify their bad actions.
Like the new Buick commercials where they can't find the new car because it looks so different... People will see the Tesla on the street and say, "Hey look at the new Buick SUV!" Then turn around and be on their way.   Opps, Tesla. Outta luck.
Come on - ridiculous comment... I did a voice text while driving home and got directions to a distant city so that I would know how many hours of driving vs. flying to the destination... hundreds of more examples ...and the Slack CEO's comments are a publicity play. Would his (potential) service be drawing attention without pronouncements like these?
Perfect! I'm picturing it now -- "The Goog" sitting in the boardroom making mental notes... "Excuse me, I've got to use the bathroom" where he furiously scribbles notes. Thank you, classic.
I thought he was talking about HTC going private... but still your point is valid. Just looked up HTC market cap, north of $49 Billion + the premium you mentioned. Not going to happen.
Excellent point, only offering the free version via the AppStore. I still take issue with Apple getting a cut of an ongoing subscription forever. I can see a "finders fee" of 30% for 6 months or a year. Perhaps a few percent a month when Apple collects the monthly fee – absolutely appropriate. Sure, you can argue that Apple asks and the seller can take it or leave it. Yup, I got it. That's business. IMHO, It still doesn't justify the logic of Apple getting a cut ad...
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