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That is exactly my situation, where I have an iPhone 5 16GB, the contract has ended and I want to get the iPhone 6. But I'm getting the 64GB iPhone 6 for the price of the 32GB. I am thrilled! This is a fantastic development as far as I can see. Are you upset because they didn't make 32GB the standard entry level?
chronster - You don't seem to understand that iPhone buyers will get a 64gb chip for the PRICE of a 32gb chip (previous price). On this one, I'm Joe consumer -- I've owed 2 iPhones, both 16gb. I've outgrown them and had to uninstall a few apps, get rid of a bit of music to leave room for pictures and video. Then I make sure to clear off my photos/video ASAP to leave room for the next round. I had determined that I'm going for the 32 (now 64!). Great.
Yes yes yes. I think you've got it! Product (RED) iWatch! Otherwise I don't care to see U2.
I still like (for the moment) the SameDung watch designs. Vaguely iPhone-ish with a curved display. Utilitarian band. (No comment on the OS.)   I fully expect that Apple is essentially setting up an entirely new division of the company for the iWatch (wearables). With the new hires of fashion marketers, etc. Apple is saying that they will be going into the iWatch in a big way. Perhaps they will have $5,000 - $10,000 versions once the proof-of-concepts are out of the...
No Prices! What -- are they waiting for reaction from their customer base to see how much to sell them for? Not even for the Note?    The Note doesn't hold anything for me... but it does look like Samedung is refining the look of their watch. I'll buy Apple's (with the round face?) and at the same time appreciate that the Turds are at least making an attempt at a more functional watch.   Re: Apple iWatch -- I'm expecting this to be a proof of concept product...
I am Certain this will be corrected on the national tv news, local tv new, Yahoo news, Google news, etc. immediately. /s
+1 Absolutely... rate-limited and # of attempts are all part of the solution. On the other hand, as suspected by many on this forum, it was not a system wide attack. They went after specific people.
And there could be a special category of Apple Care called iBandAid, yes?
You can't possibly know that. Just because Samsung has their Gear dependent on (only a couple of) their phones. I believe a number of the "killer apps" will be non-iPhone related... BUT, of course, it will sync and/or be controlled by iPhone/iPad/iPod/iCloud!!! Imagine being able to push the results of an iWatch app to iCloud (automatically and for free, of course). Manipulate and work with the data on your Mac OR PC... but it wouldn't sync with Android phones. Screw...
melgross -- you're fine with nullifying the author/Hatchette contracts. Why is that?
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