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I agree with your speculation of an iMac (Retina) Pro. I wouldn't be suprised if a version of the current line up was speed-bumped and another iMacPro catagory was added. I would go with this 5K model (although I know many of my MacFriends couldn't care less). iMacPro @ $2,499 with the others the same, except they delete the higher end BTO machines for iMP.
Huh non-story? You don't believe the Chinese gov't has worked to slow down the launch of iPhone 6 in China?
The Chinese gov't want's to depress iPhone sales as much as possible (to help out Chinese phones). Their regulatory agencies are "doing their job." The Chinese media (gov't) has accused iPhone of being a security risk (via location services, I believe), etc. From what I gather, the Gov't has finally given reg. approval pushed along by iPhone smugglers. Demand is high. iPhone 6+ was specifically designed for Asia and the Chinese market to satisfy a demand for big phone...
Gone huh? iPhone 5c is still in the lineup... for years to come, I imagine.
Ahhhh. So Samsung hasn't sold very many of their larger sized phones after all! Haven't heard a peep from fashion houses adjusting pocket sizes to accomadate Samedung. Take that.
Seems to me that the celebrity would have to purposely upload images to iCloud that were taken on other devices, yes? Perhaps they would upload the images into their iPhoto stream (assuming they were on a Mac). This seems to be the most likely ways that someone would have images taken on an Android, Blackberry, etc. show up in iCloud. Is that what you think happened?? I doubt it. Maybe that's what you are saying.
That is exactly my situation, where I have an iPhone 5 16GB, the contract has ended and I want to get the iPhone 6. But I'm getting the 64GB iPhone 6 for the price of the 32GB. I am thrilled! This is a fantastic development as far as I can see. Are you upset because they didn't make 32GB the standard entry level?
chronster - You don't seem to understand that iPhone buyers will get a 64gb chip for the PRICE of a 32gb chip (previous price). On this one, I'm Joe consumer -- I've owed 2 iPhones, both 16gb. I've outgrown them and had to uninstall a few apps, get rid of a bit of music to leave room for pictures and video. Then I make sure to clear off my photos/video ASAP to leave room for the next round. I had determined that I'm going for the 32 (now 64!). Great.
Yes yes yes. I think you've got it! Product (RED) iWatch! Otherwise I don't care to see U2.
I still like (for the moment) the SameDung watch designs. Vaguely iPhone-ish with a curved display. Utilitarian band. (No comment on the OS.)   I fully expect that Apple is essentially setting up an entirely new division of the company for the iWatch (wearables). With the new hires of fashion marketers, etc. Apple is saying that they will be going into the iWatch in a big way. Perhaps they will have $5,000 - $10,000 versions once the proof-of-concepts are out of the...
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