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Gorgeous looking store. I will make a bee-line downtown once it is completed. (Probably summer 2017 - aarg.) Flat roofs: How do they evacuate the rain, ice & snow? Have they got some cool drainage system that might make a nice ice waterfall on one side of the building?!?
(caveat) Saw the trailers... won't see the film until Netflix or cable. ...What's this with the Wozniak character asking Jobs "What do you do!?!"... ...What's with the scream the "you stole the operating system!"   Anyway, I must be a traditionalist wanting a regular bio-pic. Boring, I suppose.
Other stores put the amount & origin of offensive apps into context -- That's Why. "Apple's AppStore is unsafe!" Precisely the issue I have with this sort of article being spread. As noted this is TINY percentage of millions of apps. Could be ONLY Chinese AppStore. It's essentially an anti-Apple story. So THAT'S WHY I object to the lack of context.
The essence of "going private" is buying back all of the shares. If it was a small group of investors (not regarding Apple in particular) -- then that would be a Fund taking the company private with shares between the individual investors. I suppose they could sell additional shares at some point. If I understand you correctly, you're saying something like "I'm a good-guy investor and I don't want to have to liquidate my holdings..." -- which I can understand (unlike the...
I really appreciate that these are pithy 15 second ads. It is an interesting change to have feature ads that can be applied to international markets with a voice over and tag line translation.
Uh? It's a stationary bike.
IMHO this is a good move. Why not: Bolster what's left of BB Hardware customers – and through the back door – become an iPhone/Android developer. This way it doesn't look like BB is changing into a software company while they transition into a software company (with a bit of hardware ala MS). If (when) BB passes away, they will still have some jobs left to support the company and the employees. BB going under won't be a Total Lose! Whatchathink?
 Sounds like you'll be THRILLED because an App Store and games are the MAIN feature of the (reported) upgrade! What's with the "unfortunately?"
I have "reasonalble" expectations... I am looking forward to a "app random access" remote that allows swiping like an iPhone. NO more scrolling through lines of square icons. Set favorites/reorder icons easily/have folders, etc.   Easily search a "channel." Use the remote as a game controller (and/or your own iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches). For a free/cheap download - (help developers) scale up your favorite iPhone/iPad games (with the future feature of connecting with...
 This completely validates the experience (from more than 10 years ago!!) where a very good friend was the "American" Plant Manager in the US -- making "a certain key auto part" (I don't want to reveal too much). He reported to the middle/bottom of the Japanese management structure (sorry not Korean). For the first 5 years, they only spoke Japanese in their Friday management meetings that started at 6pm (heavy drinking featured). They had OEM contracts with all of the...
New Posts  All Forums: