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And there could be a special category of Apple Care called iBandAid, yes?
You can't possibly know that. Just because Samsung has their Gear dependent on (only a couple of) their phones. I believe a number of the "killer apps" will be non-iPhone related... BUT, of course, it will sync and/or be controlled by iPhone/iPad/iPod/iCloud!!! Imagine being able to push the results of an iWatch app to iCloud (automatically and for free, of course). Manipulate and work with the data on your Mac OR PC... but it wouldn't sync with Android phones. Screw...
melgross -- you're fine with nullifying the author/Hatchette contracts. Why is that?
You make very good and important points -- price, durability and physical keyboard, etc. ...but I object to Google co-owning my child's digital school life. No Thank You and "only do evil" Google is a poor model for tech companies.
+1 Thank you for a concise image of delegating responsibility combined with other people's money. - Compounded by Chromebooks needing to be online most of the time -- how much offline homework can get done? - Compounded by giving All of your child's Digital Identity to Google? That is OK with parents and educators, really?
Jan 2011- Appleinsider Story:http://appleinsider.com/articles/11/01/20/apples_tim_cook_profiled_as_most_powerful_gay_man_in_silicon_valley The Gawker story it is based on "Meet Apple's New Boss, The Most Powerful Gay Man in Silicon Valley"http://gawker.com/5736917/meet-apples-new-boss-the-most-powerful-gay-man-in-silicon-valley
Pardon me... 166 posts as I write this... sorry, haven't read them all but... didn't AI cover the story the Tim Cook "was the most powerful 'gay' person in Silicon Valley" when TC was first named CEO (as the article mentioned)? If he hasn't publicly acknowledged this, hasn't he already been "outed" and him being gay is "common knowledge" (unfortunately - even if he doesn't say so officially)?
...and Apple was protecting Publishers as well... are you just kidding around or do you beleive that consumers are the only thing needing some attention? Apple attempted to do an iTunes Store approach to publishing because the industry is getting hammered by players like Amazon. Publishing is changing radically, not dying overall. (There is "some" demand for paper books -- just not from me.) But unfortunately, I believe, DoJ overreached in the scope of their prosecution of...
I'm happy with the little things like sorting by my clip name and showing only unused clips. Keyword and metadata improvements are welcome right off the bat. I'll be looking into the improvements immediately. Thank you, Apple.
And the image has "Android ice cream" in the background, etc... Really? Dicey image I think.
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