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...and what blog would that be? AppleInsider? As though NO ONE reads AI?
Thanks for the post & the link. According to the articles Spotify payout amount of .0013¢ per stream... Taylor Swift would have to have roughly 4.6+ Billion streams to make $6 million. Likewise, the Bette Midler example of $114 for 4 million streams is her portion of $5,600 paid out by Spotify. Damn, you really do have to have a (large) boat load of streams to make money. Am I correct that Apple's 71.5/28.5 split is on Subscription Revenue & iTunes Sales? How the hell are...
Right on... I noticed that phrase, too. MS has been more interested in cash than getting their product OUT of BETA before they release them!!
Thank you, this illuminates the issue perfectly.
So Right On, DewMe!! +1.  Having said that, I'm one of those that has been "upset" about the One-Port-Problem all week. I'm hoping that "splitter" adapters come out soon (couldn't find any in my search). Power+1 is all I'm asking. There are times that I want to charge plus have a hard wired ethernet plugged in -- or power+mouse, etc. Overall, I take your last line to heart -- don't doubt that Apple is doing the right thing by forcing USB-C. Hell, I was upset by "No serial...
...and in the Samsung case, I was hoping for $8 Billion (profits) x 3.
In a word, "Perfect!"
You are raising a good point, not that strong of an audience -- especially among those that don't follow the "transformations" in the computer industry and/or Apple in particular. They will only see the movie on a ton of positive word of mouth. #1: This film could be perceived as a commercial for Apple. [Many of my "anti-Apple you've drank the kool aid types" and tech media may push this one.] #2: As a basic, boring bio-pic like something from the 1940's [Just saw the 1942...
Yes, exactly... CurrentC does not collect from ANY OTHER APPS! This is a big difference and the main reason that stores want to keep "CC," collecting your data. From BestBuy/Walmart/et al's POV I understand -- Not from my POV though. Enough of the incessent marketing from collecting my data. (I'm reminded of a previous AI story about the EU and privacy -- re: Google searches -- that the individual has the right to privacy even if the search results are "good.")
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