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I've used Macs since the mid-1980s and have never owned WinPCs. Over the years I noticed that not many non-Whites used Apple products -- I would imagine that there were many reasons for this.   Also, a lot of Apple recruitment is done through head-hunting rather than advertising vacancies, which is usually reserved for "lower end" posts.
The problem is that most American males see themselves as macho -- gun-toting Rambo wannabees. Haven't they noticed that a lot of gay men tend to buff up their bodies in daily gym visits, and many of them could probably take on the role of Rambo.   I'm sure Steve Jobs knew of Cook's sexual orientation when he nominated him for the CEO job. That's all that counts as far as Apple is concerned.
 Yeah, but everyone else is just making news from Betas...
From Mountrath Community School to Apple's Irish HQ at Hollyhill Industrial Estate, Cork, Ireland is 165km or a two hour journey by car, at a total fuel cost of €25.   I wonder if the school governors and IT staff bothered to visit Apple -- I've heard that in the UK, Microsoft likes to offer certain incentives for using MS products (AFAIK, the UK government and the BBC have such incentive agreements with MS).
Apple would need to expand hugely if it wants/needs to capture more of the market -- as it is, Apple's contractors can't supply enough inventory to satisfy demand. Apple would probably need to start up its own factories and then we'll have people complaining Apple is getting to be like Microsoft and demanding these assembly plants be based in the USA, where the next Mac Pro is due to be assembled. I am absolutely dreading the likely cost of a new Mac Pro (£2500+ for base...
 I call it champagne too, because I had a car in the same understated matt "gold" and the manufacturer's name for that colour choice was champagne. Gold is reflective and much darker & shinier than the "gold" iPhone.
I've got fairly large hands and like the size of my iPhone 4S and my nephew's iPhone 5. I have Chinese friends and most have small hands, and they don't handle the large-screen Samsungs very well so how will they manage a 6"-screened iPhone?
This is like a conspiracy to curtail Apple's rise to the top:     What have music, movies & TV shows have to do with eBooks?
Are the Motorola SEPs not mainly code embedded in chips, so is very much hardware-oriented and without that hardware, you just could not build a working phone?   Whereas the rubber-band/bounce effect is very much software within the OS. My own take on this is that Apple quotes high prices for licensing patents in the knowledge that the potential-licensee would refuse thereby giving Apple some degree of exclusivity on certain functions and aesthetics within its OS.
Amazon has already entered the market as a publisher by bidding for new manuscripts. Initially, Amazon will beat out the traditional publishing houses and once they're on their knees, Amazon will bid at lower prices and win because the publishing houses will simply downsize and survive on re-runs and copyrighted material.
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