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I think Apple answered a lot of critics, both with the relaxed presentation and the tech stuff. Unfortunately, the pundits have now started looking for the tiniest little things to criticise -- even only they'd look for their own brain, they'd find the answer there.
Thoroughly enjoyed reading this article.   Apple designs and builds its own hardware to match its software (or is it the other way around?) Human nature being what it is, is reluctant to embrace change and learn new things -- revolutionary software needs to be drip-fed and that is something Apple understands better than any other tech company. Wearable computing means different things to different people -- to some it means being able to listen on a BT headset and...
Amazon's deal with the publishers meant that Amazon got 70% of each sale and the publisher a mere 30% -- I can't see this model being used for print editions.   Apple comes along and says: "We'll keep 30% and you the publishers and authors take a bigger slice (70%) of the cake.   Amazon doesn't like that so for a day it stops selling ebooks in the hope that publishers will succumb to Amazon's blackmail -- it doesn't work and Amazon's tactic backfires. Amazon...
  Apple doesn't move IP offshore. Apple's competitors (particularly Samsung) probably pay far far less tax on earnings on US soil because they are foreign.   This whole argument is whether the US taxman is entitled to tax income from overseas earnings which were already taxed once, whether 2% in Ireland, or 20% as in the UK.
My wider extended family all use WhatsApp (on iOS) and they keep asking if I am on WhatsApp, so I paid for it, installed it, deleted it. Battery hog.
Actually, Apple's naming of the iPhone does make some sense, given that people are signing up to 18/24 month contracts -- you buy either the iPhone(n) or iPhone(n)S, skip the next gen and go for the one after when your contract is up for renewal. Heck, I have a rolling contract (no fixed terms for me) and went iPhone 1, 3GS, 4S, skipped the plain-vanilla 3 and 4.   The "Brand Consultant" brought up the naming of the "New iPad" -- well, Apple should go with   NiP...
First Facebook, and now Blackberry are touted as iPad competitors. The iPad has no competitors as it stands in a market of its own (full size or mini, might even include the iPod Touch) -- the rest of the overcrowded tablet/phablet market competes with each other, along with Amazon's Fire (or whatever it's called) and the gazillion ebook readers.
Interesting in that it shows the 30-pin connector instead of the newer Lightning socket. The view from top/bottom isn't very complimentary and looks like a cheap Chinese knock-off -- I can see a phone with maybe 5mm sides that the curves run into but not something that looks like the biscuits carpenter's use to join timber.
Sooooo, if someone connects their HTC to my Mac, goes to iTunes, they can transfer all my stuff to their phone?   I know that there are apps which allow you to read/extract info from iTunes backup files, but this has got to be more of a problem than the two iPhone hacks reported this week? Both cases would require access to my devices: iPhone and computer.
Shipments does not equal SALES
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