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The thing to remember, though, is that networks have been throwing Android devices at people -- two for the price of one -- and I wonder how many people in this survey only got an Android device because of this offer.
I have an officially unlocked iPhone 3GS and a 3GiPad -- both jailbroken, and both have an App called PrivaCy installed to block anonymous usage stats to Flurry, Medialets, Mobclix and Pinch Media.
interesting thing is that Shantanu has been shunted aside and the big guns, Chuck Geschke and John Warnock, have been brought out to defend Adobe. Signs of desperation?
This incident has legs... it keeps running and running, and there is so much repetition from previous discussions. One thing I have not seen is an effort to produce an exact timeline of events. Once we have that, following this issue in a cohesive way will follow. The questions I have are: • If Apple disabled the phone the following morning, how did they trace it to the "finder's" exact location? • On what date did Apple reps call on this bloke? • Didn't...
I'm sure companies that companies buying WinPCs every 2-3 years must get big tax breaks, and you can write-off all that hardware through depreciation, etc. Are there tax benefits/penalties for the employer/employee with this arrangement? (Asking as I don't live in the USA)
Bloody amazing! From $1m to $10m in less than a full day.
The 3G radio isn't configured for AT&T without the need of the sim card! It is more likely that the AT&T micro-SIM will be included with the iPad 3G, same as with the iPhone, and you will have the choice to activate or not. Outside the USA, networks may be allowed to sell the iPad with their own micro-SIM included in the packaging.
Nearly purchased a 13" Macbook Pro 2.5xGHz model last week, held back on the rumours that updated machines were being introduced and decided to go with the 2.66GHz model. None of the several Apple Stores I spoke to had received this model, and don't expect any before the weekend. Does this mean that the 2.66 is popular and being offered to US customers first (as with the iPad)? OR Maybe Apple itself just hasn't taken delivery of these yet? It is possible that Apple is...
Scenario: You create a hardware platform, supply the OS for that hardware and provide all the tools to create programs to run on that hardware. You provide the marketing and marketplace for selling these pograms. All this costs you many millions of dollars. People like what you have produced and buy your product. The only question that needs to be answered is this: Would you allow someone else to hijack and take over your hardware platform to produce both...
Posting in all capital letters means you're shouting -- Netiquette demands that you do not shout.I assume the address you have posted is his residential address? I think that you should edit your post to remove this.No offence meant...
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