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The only company which gives out actual sales numbers is Apple -- every other vendor quotes numbers for devices shipped. Shipped does not mean sold. Every analist on the planet is only guessing at the numbers on non-iOS devices in people's hands/pockets.   The other thing is that Android and iOS are well embedded into people's lives -- every other mobile-OS is playing catch-up. Android is very much a copy of iOS and because the devices are cheap or free, they have gained...
Being adventurous, I decided to JB my iP4S, only to have problems with screen brightness. Got thoroughly naffed off, so I DFU'd the phone and re-installed iOS6.1 and restored from back. Then I turned off the phone, switched it back on then did a hard reset (Power & Home buttons held down until the Apple logo appears).   Thankfully, no battery or overheating issues and no degradation of signal.
  Apple is spending a lot of money on capital projects: new "spaceship" HQ; servers farms; green power plants.   Also, nearly half of Apple's billions sit in overseas banks because the US-IRS wants 35% of it if it is ever brought into the USA. It doesn't matter how much money Apple has, what is important is where it is located. So how can Apple's US-based cash be regarded as "excessive retained earnings" and how does it slow economic growth?
OS XI 11.0
Looks like most of those Kindles may have been purchased on iOS devices...   http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9234039/iPad_grabs_top_spot_as_preferred_Black_Friday_shopping_tool
  Would someone please translate this?   I have read the article and I know there is an interpretation of it there, but that sentence just about had me ROFL.
Come on, Apple, get the iPad mini 3G/LTE+WiFi models in store already. Can't wait to get one and bring it home as an upgrade to my original iPad, which is now stuck on iOS 5.1.1
  It's Number 15 at IMDB (which doesn't take into account guy-ness).
Are you one of those uninvited SMS-marketers?
If a plain clock face is worth £21million, how much is of Apple's own icons worth? All the icons in iOS must be worth billions.   Apple should have stuck their logo on the end of the second-hand, with the Apple turning and remaining right-way-up as the seconds ticked away. Now that would have been worth many millions.
New Posts  All Forums: