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Samsung is very popular in "third-world countries", where they are sold at ridiculous prices, nowhere near what they sell for in the "developed countries". Samsung probably has to sell 2 or 3 phones for every iPhone sold (when these are available -- a lot of African countries for example, don't have iPhone stores) because the plastic-crap that Samsung makes are not very durable and don't last very long, so replacements/upgrades are common place.   A lot of posters...
  Haven't we heard this "amazing new products" song a few times already? As far as I can tell, the only really "new product" coming out of Apple in the last year is the new Retina Macbook. All the others were just improvements to existing products.
That amount should cover the cost to Apple for Samsung's 3G FRAND patents incurred thus far and possibly for the next few years.
I have the same problem-- my default for the entire life of Safari has been Lucida Grande and Monaco. I think that we're going to have to use Style Sheets for this. PITA!
So, how many people are going to be confused by household chemicals like detergents and toothpaste and a computer OS?   Toothpaste/detergent powered Macs coming to a Chinese store near you...
So, the version after Jelly Bean is going to be Butter Bean?
It isn't all bad news for Apple, given that Motorola first sued Apple and Apple retaliated by countersuing Motorola, so you could argue that this is a (sort of) victory for Apple.   The only prejudice I see here has come from Posner, no matter how well or highly he is regarded. He comes across as very arrogant and anti-Apple.
The iPhone 5 launch (and availability) is at the most probably 3 months away. Apple will likely require millions of handsets on launch date, so it is quite possible that hardware production has already started, and the software install will happen closer to launch date.
Real shame about the tomtom partnership -- tomtom tends to be the most unreliable navigation system around, and Navigon on my iPad provides far better route planning and much better maps too.
The Alarm page is more interesting as it looks like alarms can be set for different times/days, and is integrated with the Calendar app??   Any devs out there who can confirm this? Or is this just the Repeat function?
New Posts  All Forums: