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Technical specs from the UK store:   Quad-Core One 3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon W3565 processor Turbo Boost dynamic performance up to 3.46GHz   12-Core Two 2.4GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5645 processors Turbo Boost dynamic performance up to 2.67GHz Hyper-Threading technology for up to 24 virtual cores
Most of the Greenpeace womenare actually "shemale" -- even the paper bag over the head would complain about being used in that fashion..   Can't you shoot (to kill) trespassers? Apple should mount some Gatlings on the roof...   I'm usually anti-gun but in this case, I would gladly make an exception.
Dressed in denims and black turtleneck: does that mean they're filming the latter half of Steve Jobs' life? He certainly did not dress like that in the early years.   Ashton Kutcher, famous for being...   Mr Demi Moore
We lived with this sort of thing for a long time here in the UK, especially if it had anything to do with Macs (not necessarily with Apple) -- Adobe products were so overpriced that after buying the first versions I simply looked for alternatives or used "borrowed" applications. I even paid three times as much for a SCSI hard drive for my first Mac as I would have if I had been using WinPCs. Same with printers and other peripherals. Scanners? Don't even go there! If my...
The fun will really begin if the DoJ case against Apple collapses, given that more than half the US states (and now Canada) have jumped on to the bandwagon.   If the DoJ loses, how will the courts in the other cases justify decisions against Apple?   PS: Like the new look.
Apple engineers were involved in designing and miniaturising the CPU used in the MBA, which forms the basis for Ultra Books. IIRC, Apple was ready to go elsewhere for CPUs if Intel was unwilling to deliver. When the MBA motherboard and CPU were shown, Intel enjoyed a lot of the credit and publicity. Without Apple and MBA, there would be no Ultra Books.
Well, I've got a funny accent: part British, part South African & part Australian -- and Siri in the UK doesn't always understand me. I spoke to my iPhone in a phoney Indian/Pakistani accent and confused the hell out of Siri. I accept that my accent doesn't quite work with Siri and after the first couple of days of beta-testing, I turned Siri OFF. Also, we don't have that nice sexy American female so I can't even ask her to marry me! At the end of the day, Siri...
IIRC, Apple is in a position where it can say to a supplier: "we think we will need 65 million panels, but if sales slow down then we will re-visit that number and order a reduction in the production run without incurring penalties". No manufacturer in their right mind is going to give up potential sales of 65 million panels, even if Apple only ends up actually buying 55 or 60 million of them -- the price of these panels plus the number of cloners in China alone could...
Are you serious? It's never going to happen, unless Apple uses that $100 billion to buy out the whole media and entertainment industry. I live in the UK and still buy printed books, and it says clearly inside "Not for Sale in the US" -- the US versions probably say "Not for Sale in the UK". Authors don't always sell to the same publishing house for world-wide distribution, which would certainly make life easy for all of us. Book publishing rights are usually auctioned off...
If you did a search via Google, you would have found this:http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/where...449735650?mt=8
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