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Did Apple even attend MWC? It didn't last year. And, are the networks still doing a buy-one-get-one-free for Android phones? If so, some of those figures need adjusting -- some of the people I know who bought Androids at ridiculous prices have now stuff'd them in a drawer and gone back to their non-smartphone-phones. Same with Blackberry users, especially after the worldwide system crashes -- apparently, the BB service is very slow now.
Isn't this patent about those dang things we used to hang off our belts 30 years ago? You know, someone calls you, their number shows up on a tiny screen, then you scrambled to look for a phone, any phone (landline only) and called them back. What were they called? Beepers, bleepers, pagers? I thought pagers only existed in airports, those announcements "Will Mr So & So please... the rest is incoherent... " Don't patents become obsolete?
Use FinderPop, create aliases of apps in their own folders, e.g. folder called Adobe CS3 and fill it with the app aliases. When you right-click on a file, you don't have to go to the "Open With.." option, simply select the Adobe app you wish to open the file with and ... that's it.
First of all, U.K., Germany, France, Spain and Italy are far from being all of Europe... UK general practitioners all have WinPCs on their desks and can access information locally, and from other National Health Service (NHS) systems. My GP can access the results of run-of-the-mill blood tests carried out by the local NHS hospitals, but they can't access results for tests for hepatitis and other more serious communicable diseases nor can they access results for...
He could have stayed at Apple and started new projects from scratch and then farmed them out as the projects neared reality and production... over and over again. We haven't hit the peak of digital/electronic development and inventive minds will always be needed to solve simple and complex problems.
The radio and electronics in a cell phone can trigger explosives -- in the UK it is illegal to use your cell phone at a petrol pump for fear of explosion. --------- iMessage can be set up to use just your phone number or number+email address(es) -- I wonder if using just the number would solve the problem? IIRC, it is only your UDID and email which are linked to your iCloud account, not the phone number?
iPad isn't part of the "tablet market" -- it's in a market of its own called the iPad market where it has 100% domination. The Kindle Fire isn't a tablet either -- it is an Amazon Shopping device and should have been named "Amazon Mall" or something. The Kindle Fire is apparently experiencing good sales but also a high return rate -- at what point do these returns get deducted from original sales figures? Lumped in with the "tablet market", Apple earns the...
Germans like their tech and can afford it -- I have no idea how many iPhones have been sold in Germany but they've always been keen on Apple products, and produced lots of software pre-OSX. They may well take out their frustrations on Googarola.
AND... what were total sales of TVs in Q1/2011? did those Q1/2011 sales exceed the total number of TVs ever sold? Put another way, what % do these sales represent in terms of overall TV ownership? We could play the numbers game all day long.
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