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iPad isn't part of the "tablet market" -- it's in a market of its own called the iPad market where it has 100% domination. The Kindle Fire isn't a tablet either -- it is an Amazon Shopping device and should have been named "Amazon Mall" or something. The Kindle Fire is apparently experiencing good sales but also a high return rate -- at what point do these returns get deducted from original sales figures? Lumped in with the "tablet market", Apple earns the...
Germans like their tech and can afford it -- I have no idea how many iPhones have been sold in Germany but they've always been keen on Apple products, and produced lots of software pre-OSX. They may well take out their frustrations on Googarola.
AND... what were total sales of TVs in Q1/2011? did those Q1/2011 sales exceed the total number of TVs ever sold? Put another way, what % do these sales represent in terms of overall TV ownership? We could play the numbers game all day long.
Hasn't this topic already been beaten to death? Every few months someone somewhere (pundits, analist, CEO's) say Android is going to beat-up on iOS, but it hasn't happened yet. Michael Dell's comment about shutting Apple down and giving money back to investors should be on every CEO's desk to remind them to refrain from making comments that will bite them in the ass, 6 months or even ten years from now. Having said that, Schmidt wasn't going to call Android a PoS,...
IIRC, Assange was pursued by two women who were totally infatuated with the guy and wanted to have sex with him. They met and had consensual sex and Assange actually used a condom. They then fell asleep, and during the middle of the night Assange got horny and they went at it again, except being randy and half asleep makes you forget to put on that all-important condom (there was even one report that said Assange used a condom but it split during sex). What do they do...
"Over the years, people discovered the e-mail address of Jobs" I always thought that SJ or Apple actually gave out his email address, it wasn't like some state secret or anything. Anyway, this book is what I call "steveploitation" -- during his lifetime he would probably have sued this author and said "over my dead body" and that is exactly what is happening. Bad taste and Greed know no boundaries.
Apple needs just a little bit of competition in the tablet market just to avoid the DoJ... Amazon just stepped up to the plate.
All the talk about size, and someone's girlfriend actually preferring 7" to 9.7"... There isn't a mobile OS as polished as iOS out there but as a Mac user, I am seriously looking at the 11" Macbook Air.
Same applies here
No problems in the UK. My one gripe is the missing "Turn OFF 3G" feature in iOS + iPhone4S -- it is still available in iOS5 on 3GS and iPhone4.
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