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Have you noticed that those complaining most about the Confederate flag show their displeasure by burning it the US flag? I'll take "Things that make you go Hmmmmm…" for $1000, Alex.
Words mean things. In this case, "exercise". You don't get to change the meaning just because you want to.  More specifically, in this case, it means "not being forced to participate in an action a well established religion teaches is wrong." Burning at the stake is not a religious teaching that I am aware of.
 And that is the actual definition of "tolerance" in a nutshell.
You asked for one reason. I gave you two.
It has been my experience that arguments like these are made by people who are ignorant of the specifics of what Leviticus actually says and who it is written and applies to.
 That is enshrined in the Constitution (see below). That was also part of the debate over that Constitution. It's how freedom is protected. States that get too unfree lose citizens and revenues as the result of bad policies, giving a feedback mechanism. If you eliminate that feedback mechanism, there is nothing preventing bad policies from being created and getting worse. 
 Um… Take a good look at the very first topic addressed in the First Amendment.  Establishment means the creation or selection of an official state religion. Exercise means putting something into practice. In other words, the government cannot have an official religion, nor can it prevent anyone from believing or acting on religious beliefs. Therefore, laws are required to be written to make sure they do not interfere with religious beliefs and practices. That is a...
Wow. Look at all the people who think it's fine to completely destroy someone's life simply for disagreeing with them, even when that disagreement is based on something which is explicitly protected by the First Amendment.   So much for "tolerance".
Does it finally support CalDAV and CardDAV so that it can sync calendars and contacts with iOS devices?
 So instead of going back and dealing with the specific arguments, you just keep the ad hominem fallacy going. Here's a hint: demonizing the "other side" is not a valid argument.
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