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Steve Jobs had definite political ideas too. But when it came to his business he had an aggressive—borderline obsessive—focus on doing things that are "really great". Tim seems to be much more into political activism, which necessarily takes away from the kind of focus that was necessary to make Apple the company it became. That lack of focus appears to be showing up in Apple's products in that "it just works" has been noticeably slipping. For...
Do you drive past cheaper gas stations to go to a more expensive one? Or do you drive past the more expensive ones to get to a cheaper station? Why? Nations have a Right to set their own tax laws as part of their national sovereignty. Everyone else, including businesses, has a natural right to order their own affairs for their own benefit within those laws. The EU is just sore because Ireland is outcompeting them for business (taxes), so they're trying to tell Ireland to...
 Not to mention that Ireland receives tax income from Apple that they probably would not have received otherwise. I guess that's why they're a "burden on Irish taxpayers" according to the EU. Heck, I would love a multi-billion dollar company setting up an office in my backyard if it means they could be such a "burden" on my taxes!
Why are you so greedy?
 Key words: "All other things being equal." Yes, if everything else is equal, then diversity is fine. The reality is that they're not. First of all, there's not equal proportions of various groups in the general population. Furthermore, being a computer/technology company, Apple needs employees who enjoy technology and are good with it. As a general rule, males fit this description better than women. The same also applies to to other influences such as culture, access to...
 Exactly. What's the point of merely having it vibrate when touching something, as when you're typing? "Oo, I touched something! But I don't know what it was." What's the point? After all, it's not like most people can't feel their finger actually touch the screen.
 Hasn't Samsung used dancers in past ads. ;-)
Of course the Samsung's battery lasts longer! It's normal for unused devices to leave the charge in the battery.
IMHO, it would be great to work at Apple just to be able to work in that building.
 I don't think it's about the money to Samsung, it's about crushing their competitors. Pay the money to the lawyers. Pay the money to the courts. But whatever you do, avoid paying money to the people you've stolen from.
New Posts  All Forums: