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Did you even read the part of the DOJ report that I quoted? The bullet did not go through his hand. There was gunshot residue. Both facts contradict claims you made.
 You need to read the report by the Department of Justice. It can be found here. The portion dealing with the autopsy begins on page 17. And I quote… 
There are boxed products on the floor; just not the really expensive stuff likes computers, iPads, and iPhones. Even for some of the smaller expensive stuff it seems possible to do a grab and dash, especially if you have help (as in a group of people with you).
 And yet you keep spouting exactly those kinds of assumptions.
You keep demonstrating your bigotry by making assumptions about details which you do not have the slightest actual knowledge or evidence of.
Again, another assumption made without any evidence. In fact, given Apple's record on training, it is far more likely that you are flat wrong about this and that they have received "sensitivity training" as part of their training on how to do their job.
Blind?!? Let's talk about blind. Trayvon Martin: Claims of being shot "'cause racism". Turns out he was beating George Zimmerman's head against the concrete. Mike Brown: Claims be being shot "'cause racism". Turns out he tried to grab the officer's gun and was actively charging him when shot. Black churches burned "'cause racism". Turns out white churches were also burned and the perp was black. Mizzou president and chancellor forced out "'cause racism". Turns out that...
 But yet you're ready to play judge, jury, and execution based on your admitted ignorance?!?
 That is an assumption on your part, and false to boot. Behavior (furtive looks, checking out security systems too closely, blocking security views) can be a legitimate reason, as can things like attributes of past thefts can also be legitimate evidence to go on. We do not know what that evidence is. Period. To assert otherwise is demonstrating your own bigotry.
We don't know. That is my point. Since we do not know, it is irresponsible to claim to know, especially if that claim is used to create conflict and hard feelings.
New Posts  All Forums: