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Didn't Samsung's lawyers have jury consultants? Most people can be willing to forgive a slight whiff of greed if the company is otherwise has a good reputation. But nobody likes companies where it's beyond doubt that they're being greedy bastards. So why did Samsung bring this up when it should have been obvious to them that Intel's contract is an obvious defense, and that would prove that Samsung is trying to double-dip against Apple? That's like giving any jury that...
So, who will buy an iPad Mini because of it's size?Raises hand while looking around.**Based on the assumption that it is otherwise the same as an iPad 3 or 4.
Here's why I bought a Kindle Touch rather than an iPad.The main use for a tablet (in my case) is reading.The iPad 2's resolution was too low for hard core reading. (Yes, resolution makes a difference). The iPad 3 fixed that.The iPad is bigger than necessary and too heavy for extended reading. (An iPad Mini could resolve this.)The Kindle Touch can be read in almost every situation I'm in, except very low light. The iPad can't be read comfortably outside. (A backlit Kindle...
I have a current Kindle Touch and a Kindle 2. I definitely prefer the on screen keyboard of the Kindle Touch over the Kindle 2's keyboard. So I disagree about that.A Kindle Touch with a backlight? Heck yeah! What's taking so long?
A bunch of squares. What a great way to represent a technology company! As if computer guys aren't already thought of as squares. [/sarc off]
Under the "agency model", the publisher sets the selling price that the reselling is obligated to charge the customer.Under a contract with a "most favored nations" clause, the publisher cannot sell to any other reseller at a lower price.The combination of the two means that no reseller can sell an ebook from one of these publishers to the customer for less than it's sold in Apple's store. Apple's 30% take means that for publishers to continue receiving the same amount per...
Well, he's not homeless anymore!
If your voice is your password, what happens when you get a cold, or worse, laryngitis?
Soldering RAM to the computer's motherboard? Apple hasn't done that since the "Fat Mac" Macintosh 512k! That model was replaced by the Macintosh Plus in January 1986 which had memory slots. This has been the case for every Mac model up until now. (The iDevices are a different class and don't count.) There's a good reason why soldering memory to the motherboard only lasted for the very first 2 Macintosh models. It seems that memory usage isn't expanding as fast as it once...
Most interactions with this system apparently do not involve processing payments. It sounds like the portion deciding who gets what is closer to a "Like" button in Facebook. I can see Apple enforcing their rules on the initial deposit transaction. But are they enforcing the rules for any interaction with the system? (As in "Like" button.) If so, I think Apple is probably going too far.
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