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Selling some items below cost is not necessarily "predatory pricing". Predatory pricing is a SUBSET of below cost pricing, just like "jet" is a SUBSET of "aircraft". Retail stores—including grocery store, department stores, and brick and mortar bookstores—routinely sell some items below cost. That's known as a "loss leader" and no contents the practice is "predatory pricing".To prove predatory pricing you must first know the cost of everything (or most things) in the...
A) You're assuming predatory pricing.B) Competition is why the free market works and centralized economies don't.
Have you looked in the mirror lately? A "Most Favored Nation" clause plus an agency pricing model means that no one can undercut another seller's prices. That's because in an agency model the amount the publisher gets is based on the selling price, not a negotiated wholesale cost.
Exactly. Here's a practical example:This evening I looked up "How To Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie on Amazon. I was considering buying the Kindle version to replace my paper copy.The Kindle version is $12.99. That's a price set by Simon & Schuster.The hard back version is $13.98.The paperback version is $9.00.This is for a product that is far cheaper per unit than printed books which cannot be sold by the buyer when they're done with it. What value is...
Apparently not invalidated, but Apple did win a determination that they did not infringe this patent in Germany.
According to FOSS Patents, it is a FRAND patent.
Given decisions like this, I invite GreenPeace to get an up close and personal birds-eye view of a wind turbine in operation.
IMHO, a big part of HP's downfall is a lack of quality. I have an HP calculator that was built sometime between 1982 and 1989. That's at least 23 years ago. And it's still going strong. And the HP-12C, first introduced in 1981, is still being sold today. On the other hand, I bought a new HP calculator a few years ago so my son could use it for homework, with the expectation that I would get it when he was done. Even though he didn't abuse it (there aren't any cracks or...
Agreed! It makes it so much nicer to read the (mostly) reasonable, rational comments without z's blather making a mess of things. Save your sanity. Put him on ignore.
Talk about your "full court press"! I get the feeling this isn't going to end until one of the two companies is dead.
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