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Does this mean synch services is back?
You know what I just realized? The words "A Google company" were obviously cropped out of this logo.  
 Why ask them to store it for you? They already have it. Instead of building a fancy device to collect and transmit data, just ask the NSA for it. (Joking… I think…)
 Gee, what possible reason could "fanboys" have to worry about Google's handling of private data?
It makes a certain amount of sense to use the name and image of Cortana. They already own the rights. It's a fairly unique name, avoiding most issues with real people's names. And the character from Halo already has a lot of positive emotion associated with it.   But they also only have one shot to get this right. If they pull a Zune, Vista, or Windows 8 with this one they will destroy a lot more than the ability to use the name without triggering negative emotions, I...
Noooooooooo! So much for buying a Nest smoke detector.
The Mini Retinas are still showing as shipping in 5-10 days. Does anyone else find it odd that this estimate hasn't even budged given the pent up demand?
I wanted to order mine through Verizon Wireless because they give a $100 discount if you agree to a 2 year contract. But they only have the 16, 32, and 64 GB versions available.
How about a rumor on when the iPad Mini is expected to ship?
There goes jrgosta again, reading meaning into what the judge said.   It must be fun going around pretending that people say what you want them to say. So many people do it.
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