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 Hasn't Samsung used dancers in past ads. ;-)
Of course the Samsung's battery lasts longer! It's normal for unused devices to leave the charge in the battery.
IMHO, it would be great to work at Apple just to be able to work in that building.
 I don't think it's about the money to Samsung, it's about crushing their competitors. Pay the money to the lawyers. Pay the money to the courts. But whatever you do, avoid paying money to the people you've stolen from.
 Getting? I think they passed that stage a long time ago. For the record, when we bought a new washer and dryer, I specifically excluded Samsung from the list even though their models topped most reviews. Their behavior towards Apple (stealing their designs and their mocking commercials topping the list) demonstrates a level of unethical behavior that I'm just not willing to support in any way. A refrigerator is probably next, and it won't be Samsung either.
 Actually, that's part of what made Apple so successful. If an idea was so darned good that it survived such "editing" by Jobs, then it was practically guaranteed to be a success; in part because it was such a worthwhile idea, in part because those who thought it was a good idea kept after it, and in part because those who had the idea had to keep polishing and improving it to get Steve to accept it. If any old half-baked idea could get through, the resulting products will...
 What I ran into was actually MS Server 2012. It was freshly set up and booted to the desktop. I was accessing it remotely to do my work and it was the very first time I had seen that interface. There was no start menu or anything like it, no drives on the desktop, no visual access to the hard drives at all. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to get to the hard drive! That is too freakin' hard to figure out the most very basic of OS tasks. One of the major rules...
 Normally a simple tap will make the bars appear and disappear around a photo. Your 4S may just be slow enough that you've already tapped again by the time it responds to the first tap. In Safari the address bar at the top disappears when you scroll down. The idea is to make more room for the content. It's supposed to reappear as soon as you scroll up.
Microsoft and Apple are making the same basic mistake—following design fads at the expense of usability. Apple isn't sliding into the abyss quite as fast as MS (who managed to ship an OS with perfect security: no way to access anything), but that's cold comfort.   Apple because became awesome because their team included psychologists who not only helped design the interface, they tested their theories before shipping them. I haven't heard of psychologists on Apple's...
Quote: True. The antidote to that is competition, not price fixing, which was the case made against Apple and the publishers.  See "no one has any broad evidence for either side of the argument." One thing we can say for sure is that Amazon would not be so large and profitable if they did not have excellent control of their own infrastructure costs. Using such an actual cost advantage in competition is neither illegal nor immoral.
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