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 Your reading comprehension aren't not so goot, are it? Reread what I wrote (and you quoted): 
 Perhaps you should pay attention.  That's right. I didn't pay Apple anything. Yes, I did pay the vendor.  Wrong. Pay attention. They didn't pay Apple anything, either. They didn't use Apple's ecosystem in any way to sell that content. They didn't pay Apple anything, either. Nor should they, since they didn't use Apple's ecosystem. That is the POINT! Apple superfanboys think Apple should be able to take a cut even when they have nothing to do with the transaction other...
They tried.Apple backs down on in-app purchasing rules, allows lower prices for out-of-app purchases
 What does that have to do with anything? I should pay Apple an extra $240 just so Apple can stay open even though Apple did not add any value to that transaction? Get real! I have no problem with Apple receiving 30% when they actually add value to a transaction. Purchase an app via the store? Apple did the credit card processing, stored and served the app, and handles updates. They deserve a portion for providing those services. Purchase something via iTunes? Again, they...
 That's a load of horse hockey. I just purchased some content for about $800. (Electronic books, but not from Amazon.) The company I purchased from hosts the content on their own servers, has their own credit card processing, has their own web site for locating and informing about the content. Where is Apple doing anything there to make it worth an additional $240 over what I paid? Oh, as for "Apple's devices", I already paid for those.
 In asserting that Apple somehow deserves a 30% cut of everything, even when they don't add any value.
 There's nothing quite so ironic (or hypocritcal) as someone condemning bias and so blatantly demonstrate their own in the process.
 So? Why does it matter that they had a high market share prior to a serious competitor entering the market? How long can any business sell something below cost?
 How does Amazon "have a monopoly"?
Good grief! I thought this was finally over. Let it go already!
New Posts  All Forums: