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Soldering RAM to the computer's motherboard? Apple hasn't done that since the "Fat Mac" Macintosh 512k! That model was replaced by the Macintosh Plus in January 1986 which had memory slots. This has been the case for every Mac model up until now. (The iDevices are a different class and don't count.) There's a good reason why soldering memory to the motherboard only lasted for the very first 2 Macintosh models. It seems that memory usage isn't expanding as fast as it once...
Most interactions with this system apparently do not involve processing payments. It sounds like the portion deciding who gets what is closer to a "Like" button in Facebook. I can see Apple enforcing their rules on the initial deposit transaction. But are they enforcing the rules for any interaction with the system? (As in "Like" button.) If so, I think Apple is probably going too far.
Yes, it's the most popular. It's simple to achieve popularity when you're the only game in town.
No, it just means it's not a regular production device, i.e., a prototype. That it is an iPad made by Apple is proved by other factors, such as the Apple branding on the circuit boards.
My understanding of iBooks is that the format has more technical capabilities than other formats. But taking advantage of those capabilities requires more development work by the publisher. From that viewpoint, it's a classic cost/benefit analysis.You're right that some people have no plans to buy anything other than iStuff, and that it's iOS only limitation isn't a problem for them. But those people aren't the entire market. In fact, I think it's safe to say that they're...
I just have to point this out: Apple also has 'other stuff' that they sell.
There's a couple of reasons why Apple would oppose jailbreaking.By requiring certification by Apple, it reduces the number of destructive apps. It gives Apple a chance to make sure that viruses or other apps that could steal information or disable your phone, even by accident, are far less likely to hurt end users.It reduces the ability for end users to steal apps and content.It protects Apple's 30% revenue stream on every sold app. Some of Apple's actions seem to indicate...
When it ships. That was more info than I had before. Thanks.
Weird. I just tried it again. When I typed the full word "jailbreak" in the search box, the full word was displayed without censoring, but the search results still demonstrated censoring. I wonder if it depends on exactly which server you're getting data from.
I know, which is why I expect a backlit reader from Amazon. (Though the backlit Nook isn't shipping yet.)For the time being, previously purchased books don't cross between Kindle and Nook. (Someone may figure out how to make it happen eventually.) Generally speaking, once you start buying books for one platform, I don't think it makes much sense to start buying books for a second incompatible platform. This is one place where Apple has a bit of an advantage over B&N and...
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