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When it ships. That was more info than I had before. Thanks.
Weird. I just tried it again. When I typed the full word "jailbreak" in the search box, the full word was displayed without censoring, but the search results still demonstrated censoring. I wonder if it depends on exactly which server you're getting data from.
I know, which is why I expect a backlit reader from Amazon. (Though the backlit Nook isn't shipping yet.)For the time being, previously purchased books don't cross between Kindle and Nook. (Someone may figure out how to make it happen eventually.) Generally speaking, once you start buying books for one platform, I don't think it makes much sense to start buying books for a second incompatible platform. This is one place where Apple has a bit of an advantage over B&N and...
Interesting. I just tried it too. It showed up as censored. In addition, it was also censored in the list of suggested search values. Here's what I see in that list:Oddly, this is very stupid censorship. It prevents the user from reading the word, but not searching for it and finding matches. It's also just a single, narrowly defined word. ("Jailbreak", not "jail break" or "jailbreaker", etc.) Given how it's actually working, what's the point of doing it?
I've been thinking about this. For ebooks, this is true. But when it comes to devices for reading ebooks, it's no longer as true as it once was.Prior to the release of the iPad 3, Apple did not have a tablet which was good for reading a book, even indoors. The resolution was just too low. Now, with the release of the iPad 3 and Amazon's Kindle Fire, Apple and Amazon are starting to intrude into the same space, Apple with a high price/high value solution and Amazon with a...
Agreed. Which is why I've been buying ebooks on Kindle, not iBooks. That's also motive (though not proof) for Apple to convince publishers to switch to an agency pricing model.
No, I'm not. Merely addressing the current point: price. Other attributes of competition (service, availability, convenience, etc.) do not affect price when an agency pricing model is in place.In open competition in a free market, consumers are free to choose their preferred balance between the low price/low service and high price/high service ends of the marketplace.
Selling some items below cost is not necessarily "predatory pricing". Predatory pricing is a SUBSET of below cost pricing, just like "jet" is a SUBSET of "aircraft". Retail stores—including grocery store, department stores, and brick and mortar bookstores—routinely sell some items below cost. That's known as a "loss leader" and no contents the practice is "predatory pricing".To prove predatory pricing you must first know the cost of everything (or most things) in the...
A) You're assuming predatory pricing.B) Competition is why the free market works and centralized economies don't.
Have you looked in the mirror lately? A "Most Favored Nation" clause plus an agency pricing model means that no one can undercut another seller's prices. That's because in an agency model the amount the publisher gets is based on the selling price, not a negotiated wholesale cost.
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