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  According to Tim Cook's statement, Apple does not do that.
  Back in the early 80's it was "Designed in America. Made in Ireland by Apple."   Why should Apple leave a country they've had a presence in for more than 30 years just because our government is greedy?
Each government sets its own tax rates to meet its own needs. Ireland's government is apparently frugal with the money it takes in. Why should they raise their rates—and thus, lose a competitive jobs advantage for their country—just because spendthrift governments aren't willing to control their spending? And why should an international company limit themselves to only those countries with exorbitant or even punitive tax rates?
Here's how you do it (in version 10, anyway):   Select the songs you want to play together. Select Get Info from the File Menu or type Command-I. Put something unique in the Grouping field. Click the OK button.   Voila! Songs with the same group value will now play as a group.
Exactly! Having to clear a hand before you push a button necessarily slows down your response time.   This study would have been a perfect opportunity to clarify whether actual handsfree usage made any actual difference in response times. They should have at least tested actual handsfree mode, preferably both. It almost seems like they had an agenda.
With all this stuff leaking already, it sounds like the iPad 5 is ready for production. Then why are the rumors predicting a 3rd quarter release?
If they have a scene where he's looking into the camera fiddling with his bowtie while saying, "Bowties are cool," it will be a total win.
Absolutely. Music and electronic books, as if they were still physical copies.
Size and weight are related. Bigger usually means heavier.Size also has an affect on readability. Consider your typical newspaper. It's much larger than any pad currently (or likely ever) made. Have you noticed that they don't print the body of their stories the full width of the page? It's because when you're done reading one line, your eye has to travel back to the beginning of the next line. When that distance is very long, we wind up hunting around for the next line,...
Advantages of the Kindle e-ink readers over iPads.Lightweight - When you're reading, you're holding this thing still for a long period of time, frequently one handed. The iPad is far heavier, and it makes a difference.Size - The Kindles are all about the size of a paperback book. There's a reason the publishing industry made that size so common. It's a convenient size for carrying and reading.Resolution - It's actually much easier for humans to read if individual pixels...
New Posts  All Forums: