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Hopefully they expand it to the rest of Long Island. I don't get why they stopped just short of covering a huge research center and a major University.
  Yes, Google also enforces a similar policy and apps were removed from Google Play for having sexual content.
  Apple allows parents to enable parental controls on the device blocking certain apps and Safari. Because of the previous age rating of 500px it was impossible for parents to block it without blocking out all app downloads. With Vine and now the updated 500px app, parents can block the use of the application without blocking the entire app store.
I knew it was only a matter of time before it would get pulled. By the look of the source code posted on GitHub, it does not use the documented Google Maps API which is a huge violation of Google's terms of service and that may be the reason. 
From what I can tell, Apple and Microsoft have a very close relationship. While on the outside it may seem like they are major competitors, they do produce a lot of cross platform software. Apple helps Microsoft and Microsoft helps Apple. I don't see Microsoft partnering with Samsung to sue Apple. If anything, Microsoft should get away from Samsung. 
For me it used to crash every time I would start a URL with "r"
Well this has been there since day 1 has it not?  
I understand that this may not apply to you but some people just do not understand what the point of developer previews are. A developer preview is not supposed to be for Apple to have others test out the OS to get it ready for public release, it is supposed to give developers access to the new APIs to make sure their existing and future apps work correctly with the new operating system. I see that confusion a lot when the iOS betas come around.
So wait, they are not using the Keychain like they are supposed to?
Well all you have to do is change your user agent on your computer to Code:iTunes-iPad-M/5.1 (2; 64GB; dt:75) and the visit this page.http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...Id=36&s=143441
New Posts  All Forums: