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I saw this months ago. Maybe because I am on iOS 5.1?
Sounds like BS to me, since when does it say Do not display until official iPad 3 launch. Usually it would say something like Do not open until 03/XX/2012
This is not a loophole, it is functioning exactly how it is supposed to. Once again the Times and the rest of the media blowing this out of proportion.
It is $85 a month for the 10 months in his contract, so a total of $850 for the 10 months.
Oh yea, and they just remembered about this 2 years later after they are bankrupted. Good luck with that.
I know what the problem is!! They are using their ISP's email service!!!!
As posted before, this is AppleCare+ which is different from the old AppleCare.
This was Q3 2011, before the price drop and iPhone 4S
I did an "Option + Check for Update" and it worked on 2 devices.
Well, according the the iTunes beta strings the iPhone 4S is going to be called N94AP
New Posts  All Forums: