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Apple holds an event every March/April for a developer preview of iOS. Last year (iOS 4) it was held in April but the 2 previous years it was in March. Maybe the iPad will be "One More Thing..."
Too early, I see an iOS 5 preview in late March with the launch of the new iPad.
Product: as in Tablets, Cell phones, not iPad, iPhone
I think what happened is that Sony wanted users to buy books within the app. All IN APP purchase must go through Apple. That is not new. Amazon and B&N redirect users to Safari to buy books.
Woz NEVER said that. Where do they get their information from. I was at the Engadget show yesterday and he never said that. He said it it imminent because of the recent rumors that he read on Engadget. Even Nilay Patel from Engadget said its not true.https://twitter.com/reckless/status/32135659485401088
Wifi tethering works fine for me on AT&T
Chances are NO, its not GSM so its not that easy. Sometimes Sprint doesn't like to activate unlocked phones.
I tried to activate an unlocked CDMA Motorola phone and they wouldn't do it. They told me they only activate sprint branded phones.
I guess, but I remember that in New York if you switched to FiOS (with a contract) and didn't like it Optimum would pay your early termination fee to come back.
Like give us your old iPhone and we will pay for your AT&T termination fee?
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