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Are they seriously going to charge for using Exchange? Deff not switching to Verizon now.
"location, age, gender, income, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political views" How can your phone know this unless you agree to the services terms of service and privacy policy. Its not Apples fault its yours for entering this information. For example, Pandora gets that information when you sign up. I entered that info on my COMPUTER has nothing to do with the iPhone.
I like the Logitech Revue better. I just switched the user agent and now I can watch all the programming except ABC and Hulu. Also with the Sony TV you have to use that big ugly remote. With the Revue you have 4 options. - Included Keyboard - Mini Controller - Mobile device (iOS/Android) - Any Harmony Remote
That sounds exactly like the Logitech Revue w/ Google TV.
Thats when someone makes an attachment to power the MiFI from the iPad. Do you think the USB dongle in the iPad camera connection kit will give power to the Mifi? Just wondering.
Because we (us developers) have no control of what is in the multitasking bar. Most of the time the apps do quit but it just stays in the multitasking bar because it was recently used. Removing it doesn't do anything at all so there is no point in doing that.
I actually recorded that program last night and was shocked when I saw that. They said they couldn't have Steve Jobs as their CEO because they didn't think he would leave Apple to run Google.
I don;t think it removed the functionality, Just hid it since there is no video AirPlay enabled devices on the network.
When you hit print it will search for printers on the network. It doesn't keep your printer in memory like a computer would. This is good in some way because there is no setup required. You can just walk into any building with a printer on the network and print. (if it's shares) I'm not exactly sure how Apple will tackle this limitation. It looks like your computer has to be on and connected to a printer to work. If I turn off printer sharing on my iMac it will say "No...
[QUOTE=digitalclips;1714967]It should work since that printer is connected to my TC using USB. The AEs and TCs are pretty much the same.
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