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Printing on iOS doesn't use any drivers. It is also compatible with ALLL printers that you can connect to your computer. It works using the printer sharing option in OS X. It didn't work for me at first but after enabling printer sharing on my iMac it shows all the "printers" on my iMac including Adobe Acrobat 9. You can see its the same list, but it also shows my other printer as "1TB Time Capsule" (that its connected to
It looks like Cydia and the TVOut app are the 2 most recent additions which means he just did it. Unless he changed his icons.
I have been able to login since Beta 1
Just came back from the Apple Store West 14th Street (NYC) and they are still selling them. There are no lines, I just was playing with one and an employee came up to me and asked me if I had any questions, I said no but the guy next to me wanted to buy one so he went into the back and got him a 16GB iPad. (This was about 6:45PM)
Not to mention that the Voice Notes application also runs in the background.
Putting the finishing touches now.
There are 3 on Long Island (Roosevelt Field, Lake Grove, and Walt Whitman) and there will soon be a 3rd in a couple of months in ManhassetThere are currently 4 Stores in NYC (5th Ave, SoHo, 14th Street, Staten Island) and soon to be a 5th(FYI Staten Island is in New York City)There will be 12 Apple Stores within 40 miles!(Image: "Manhasset" and "New York-New York City") are not open yet.
i found a real a fix!!!! just go to the settings and disable e-mail in spotlight search!!
How do they advertise MMS? I looked at the new iPhone ad and they use an iPhone without MMS! "Skateboard Ad" "Copy and Paste"
Lets go back to that line, What? Not to expensive? WTF Windows is the most expensive OS!At $299 for a basic retail version and $399 for a premium, thats not expensive?FYI: Apple has sold 10 million "PC's" and how many did Microsoft sell? Um, 0! All they do is sell software for PC, not hardware!
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