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Yep. That's what they did. Took about 45 minutes after the floor hipster ran a diagnostic on my iPhone. Off topic: Has anyone seen an Apple Store employee over 40? When they first opened, there were some, but they don't seem to exist any longer.
 That's exactly what mine has been doing. For months I've kept a battery case on mine and switching it on as it neared 50%, before it spontaneously shut down.
Genius bar appointment made for tomorrow morning. Hopefully they'll just give me a whole new phone.
Coincidentally, $2.6 million dollars was deposited into Judge Koh's Swiss bank account this afternoon.
Ming-Chi Kuo bribed by Samsung?
What's 'Flash?'
It's time to totally separate Apple from Asia.   Criminal fascists from China and Korea cannot be trusted.
I know I personally am buying a lot less and streaming Spotify a lot more. Then again, most of the music I listen to I have owned for years, much of which is on Spotify.   Dunno what the future holds for all this. I'll look into Beats Music once Apple gives me a reason to. Pretty happy with Spotify.
Just like Foursquare's 'Swarm' app, I don't care.   Stop pushing these junior apps on us.
Yikes. Thank you, Jesus.   Seriously, Phew!
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