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Google Docs? What's Google Docs?   Kids all over America will be growing up with iWork apps as oldsters cling on to Google Docs and Microsoft Office until the grave.
If it had been Google, I'd delete the app.   Anyway, these days my preferred calendar app is Fantastical.
Too big to fail, but big enough to tank the world economy bank, says something.   I'm on Apple's side, but I think that any corporation that keeps cash off shore should be subject to crushing domestic taxes.
Make it for upload speed too and put Comcast out of business.
Screw those fascists. Ban Chinese imports. All of them.   Nixon totally screwed us.
Apple hating suits, who assisted banks in almost destroying the world economy, pull their heads out of their...
Makes me think of Windows. A walking blue screen of death.
Sell! Sell! Sell!
How's he going to occupy his time while he's waiting in line for toilet paper?
New Posts  All Forums: