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It's so ugly inside. Jony Ive really blew it this time.   heh... 
What! We were denied the clever comments from youtubers for 2.5 hours! Quelle desastre!
Sell! Sell! Sell!    And Run!!!!!
You couldn't pay me to use Google's spyware phone. Or their services.
Smells like it's time to unload your Amazon stock.
The sweaty one thinks he's still relevant. 
No thanks. Skipping commercials at YouTube is easy and none of the rest interests me.   Just say no to Google and their data-stealing/selling scheme.
Not all apps affect speed or battery life, but some do.   And quitting apps on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is important because of the anemic amount* of processor memory. Quitting apps increases the number of pages I can keep open in Safari without them redrawing/reloading constantly on my 6 Plus. Restarting your iPhone at least once a day helps too.     *1GB, should have been 2GB, the new S models are proof of this. I could keep 7-8 pages open on my iPhone 5. On my 6...
Dumped Spotify two months ago. Sticking with Apple Music for us.   Also, I totally get the interface. I should write an FAQ.   Still dislike the 'one master payment method' for family accounts, but I don't see that changing anytime soon.
New Posts  All Forums: