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Thousands of American children died in Iraq for basically nothing.   Investigate that, DOJ.   Here's some last names to clue you in... Bush Cheney Rice Rumsfeld.   Good luck...
Isn't that more than twice the percentage predicted on the 6 Plus? I remember guesses of 5%, 10%, 15% at most. Almost 25% seems pretty good for a 'niche product.'   Also, Apple is still catching up on demand. Search Twitter for 'iPhone 6 Plus' and you come up with new owners receiving theirs more and more.
They don't call them 'Samesung' for nothing.
Yeah. I want to trust my precious memories to a company that cuts corners to the bone to barely eek out profit.   Laughable.
How long before all historical items and important artwork end up on the walls of the powder rooms of the 1% of the 1%?
Dear Retailers,   Accepting Apple Pay has become a priority for us.   Disposable income talks. Spyware ridden crap walks.
Good news.   This election is the last gasp of hatred.   It's all downhill from here statistically, conservatives.       On edit: 'Su Voto es Su Voz'     Fear the future, haters.
L. O. L.
Sorry. Can't have mine.
The supplier of fans of 'Honey Boo Boo' says something...
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