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The Apple gear may be there, but you have to really look to spot it, except for the random glowing Apple. Apple needs to up the product placement in promotional pics and video.   I expected to see much more Apple than this.
There was a one month overlap. Why keep paying $10 a month when I know I'm sticking with Apple Music? Apple saved me twenty bucks.
Super happy with Apple Music. Especially its integration into iOS and OS X.   Canceled Spotify. Not looking back.
Personally I'm not using Any third party apps. The core apps are where the magic happens for me.   Once the native SDK apps start shipping, probably around when Watch OS 2.0 is released, this may change.
I like it for one advantage over the Apple Podcast App: You can skip up to 60 seconds and pretty much eliminate in-app commercials. You can only FF 15 seconds at a time in the Apple app. You can pay to unlock some premium features that are marginal at best. I didn't bother. It's a good Free replacement for the Apple app.
Is Spotify still a thing?
You have made me.   So happy.   I owe you a beer.
This won't last long. Apple Music is the future.
I buy little from Amazon these days. Prime is about to expire.   Buh-bye, Amazon.
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