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Amazon PR stunt gets extension from lobbyist owned shills.
Apple's not designing a car. They are working on CarPlay interface solutions, battery technology, and mapping improvements.   I wish this car thing would die. Distracting.
I wish Apple could stop feeding Samesung.
Hey Verizon! Get your head out of your _ _ _ and follow suit.
Oh yes. Now that streaming is being examined critically by artists, labels, and listeners themselves, ...this is the time to invest in yet another service.
I have a couple of Asus accessories.   They work well.   They ain't Macs.
Tim's a good guy.
That's impressive. Should stand up to 99.99% of normal use, but I still wouldn't shower while wearing it. I keep seeing people online hoping they can do that. I suppose you could, but me... I'll take it off.  It's not like you don't have to take it off to charge it.
I was confident of Apple Watch's success. But now that the clowns... analysts on Wall Street agree, I'm not so sure.
Great! More availability for us.
New Posts  All Forums: