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Apple haters are fapping away at all this.   But today we learn that the images were 'hacked' from multiple cloud services.   Note to celebrities: '4kittens' and 'password2' are not the best passwords.
What, Relic? There were electronic multi-functional watches before the iWatch rumor?   Next you are going to 'inform' me that there were computers before Apple.   And that the stampede to get watches out after the 'iWatch' rumor had nothing to do with Apple.   You R so clever.
I still hope that Apple has punked Samesung and the rest to flush millions down the drain with their crapola 'pre-iWatches.'   Tim Cook: 'No iWatch, morons.'
Another deposit made in this Korean-American judge's Swiss bank account.
Yep. That's what they did. Took about 45 minutes after the floor hipster ran a diagnostic on my iPhone. Off topic: Has anyone seen an Apple Store employee over 40? When they first opened, there were some, but they don't seem to exist any longer.
 That's exactly what mine has been doing. For months I've kept a battery case on mine and switching it on as it neared 50%, before it spontaneously shut down.
Genius bar appointment made for tomorrow morning. Hopefully they'll just give me a whole new phone.
Coincidentally, $2.6 million dollars was deposited into Judge Koh's Swiss bank account this afternoon.
Ming-Chi Kuo bribed by Samsung?
What's 'Flash?'
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