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That is a Lot of data. The most mobile data I've ever used in a month was about 9.5GB. And that was when I was traveling extensively for a month.   This really makes me consider jumping ship from Verizon.
I think I found a bug today. I created a shopping list in Notes and when I got to the store, some of the checkboxes had disappeared.   There was still a place for them, but they were invisible.   I touched the spot where the circle should be and the checked circle would appear for a split second, then uncheck.   I tried force quitting the app, restarting the iPhone, all the usual things and the problem would not go away.
'Shipping in October'   Why is there a delay? They have already sent out review models. What is the delay?
So glad the Hermés Apple Watch is not at the Philadelphia store. They wouldn't know what to do with it or how to sell it.
One only has to read Woz's useless Twitter feed to see how totally irrelevant he has become to the world of tech.
 Exactly. I keep seeing people say, 'I tried it once and it's confusing.' Yep. There is a small learning curve. After a couple of days I figured out although the tabs have different core functions, you can cross-utilize them to have access to several artists or albums at your fingertips at once. Totally comfortable with it and love the Apple ecosystem integration.
Wall Street is based on nothing. They no longer invest in making things or creating job based companies. They do nothing but move money around to collect fees.   Who cares what they think?
Time for someone to make a comparison chart of Apple and all the carrier's plans to reveal the best deals.
Metallic pink. Big difference to Hello Kitty and Barbie fans.
It's metallic pink. Pink, pink, pink, pink, pink.   Even my wife doesn't want metallic pink.
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