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What the heck? Meerkat was the darling of streaming, but now suddenly we're supposed to jump ship because Twitter tells us to??   Twitter is becoming Google/Amazon/Facebook. Now they are forcing ad videos on us.   Periscope being owned by Twitter, automatically makes it suspect.
On edit: (Sorry, I wrote this in a hurry making it sound like Fantastical was from OmniGroup. No, I was just comparing one company to another.)   I usually only gripe about pricing from OmniGroup*, but this is a wee bit much.   Looks like a good upgrade though.   *Their products are shockingly expensive. They might as well go full Adobe and offer a monthly subscription to their library of apps.
Is HP still a thing? I thought failed 1%er candidate Meg Whitman sold off their assets and cashed out years ago.   Oh wait... That's coming...
Using Twitter less and less. This might end it all together. 
This needs confirmation.   I suggest asking the Log Lady from Twin Peaks.
Wall Street is 99% based on fakery and keeping the 1% in the 1%. Apple is a real, tangible product, which Wall Street HATES. They are mostly about manipulating numbers to make slivers of pennies times billions to support their true clients, the 1% of the 1%.
I access weather.gov on my iPhone and Mac daily. Best and most accurate weather out there. They just updated their web site to be a mobile site for browsers and if you save it to your iPhone screen, it's a contained web app.   As an aside, several years ago Republicans tried to shut weather.gov down on behalf of The Weather Channels' lobbyists. Democrats stopped them.
We've had Spotify for years, but I really like the Beats Music interface on my iPhone.   Will move to iTunesBeats as soon as it launches.
Wait for it... Amazon Fire Watch!
Amazon PR stunt gets extension from lobbyist owned shills.
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