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Loving my Plus.
Dear Apple,   Tomorrow, please make Beats Music part of iTunes Match.   Love, AppleZilla.
Don't apologize for the download. Idiots who b*tched over getting free music are morons.   Apologize for the little skit that you performed with Tim Cook.   You and Mr. Cook are better than that.
Unpossible. Samesung's attack ads are surely overtaking Apple.   Bendgate! Bendgate! Bendgate!      heh...
Bose and Beats are equally crap. The NFL is a joke.   ...wait, not a joke. They are an agency of profiteering cruelty.   Condi Rice should head them up as rumored. A war criminal would be their perfect leader.
I got the iPhone 6 Plus, fully expecting to trade it for a 6. After just a few days, I find I can do about 95% of what I could do with my 5, one-handed. The thing that made the difference was the silicone case. Started with the leather case, but even it was 'too slippery.' The silicone case made the Plus work for me.
Appealing to the 1% of Chinese who are not slave/prison labor.
Who cares about 'teens?' They don't vote. They don't vote deep into their twenties.   They don't have cash. Forget teens.
Executives will be jumping out of windows...   Samsung is to Korea as Comcast is to Philadelphia.   Giant corrupt corporation could take them both down as they fail.
Exactly. Samesung spends millions on attack ads. $100k is chump change to the Korean Xerox.
New Posts  All Forums: