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As long as I am in quiet surroundings, I am actually pretty amazed with the sound of the present EarPods.   But I will always welcome improvements.
One day after I got charged $3.99 for 200GB!   It's a Conspiracy against me, I tells ya!   Oh, well. Enjoy that dollar, Mr. Cook.
Too late. I gave it up and went to Verizon.   Far better coverage and service.
Like Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman loves to lay off Americans. And unlike their good friend Mitt Romney (elected Governor once), who loves to lay off Americans and ship their jobs overseas, neither will ever be elected to anything.
Banks almost destroyed our economy and have learned nothing since.   Who cares what a bank thinks?
FINALLY! SOLD!   Sign me up!
The real answer to these things are often 'he just didn't fit in,' or 'had conflict with more senior Apple executives.'   No big deal.
Swatch is a 'Behemoth?' I have barely had any awareness of them since the 80s.   Must be big overseas, where the 80s never ended.
Still very glad we went Stainless Steel.
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