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Can we have the ability to 'avoid highways' like Navigon and many other GPS apps for the iPhone?   Seriously. If you give me this ability, I can delete multi-gigabyte Navigon forever.
We're getting it. The family plan is a steal.
This makes so much sense. Most of the people pressing me to use Slack are kind of dickish.
I pay with my Apple Watch. Samesung fail.
Retired my Seiko Diver's watch.
So many complaints. My wife and I must have been lucky. Little problems for us.   My only request is to have the power to 'force' upload songs, so that they don't get replaced in the cloud with iTunes Store tracks. This has affected a handful of alternative recordings, such as rarities and bootlegs.   The tracks stay as they are on my Mac (as long as I keep the files there), but on my iPhone some are replaced after being 'matched.'
I'll listen. I've left my 'comfort zone' many times within Apple Music.
The Apple gear may be there, but you have to really look to spot it, except for the random glowing Apple. Apple needs to up the product placement in promotional pics and video.   I expected to see much more Apple than this.
There was a one month overlap. Why keep paying $10 a month when I know I'm sticking with Apple Music? Apple saved me twenty bucks.
Super happy with Apple Music. Especially its integration into iOS and OS X.   Canceled Spotify. Not looking back.
New Posts  All Forums: