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I'm ready! Take my money! (after the first three months)   I've cancelled Spotify.   12 more days...   Additionally, I hope those additional 27 stations are a lot more than tweaked. iTunes Radio stations were badly generated.
I abandoned my unlimited plan because of throttling. But also to get LTE, affordable hotspot capability, and superior coverage from Verizon.   Since then AT&T has implemented LTE and now they are getting spanked for their crime.   They lost a lot of customers. I wonder if it was worth it for them?
Years and years ago Adobe sold a series of stock photos on CD. I have a few in a box somewhere. I wonder if they are just recycling those badly outdated images. From what I know about them from employees I've known, I wouldn't be surprised.
C'mon June 30th! Goodbye Spotify!
Can't be to develop the Apple Cheesesteak. Then they would have leased on this side of the state.   Come to Philly, Apple.
Dead service walkin'
No, you're not alone in that, but compared to the number of people who disagree with most of that, who will subscribe, you're almost alone.
 Apple has an ever expanding base of device purchasers that will by default have iTunes at their fingertips. The very worst possible scenario I could see for Apple is gaining tens of millions of subscribers, while Spotify's new subscriber base sharply declines. The price that Apple bought Beats for is going to seem like a bargain pretty quickly.
'The app has a My Music section, which has a "For You" feature that provides recommendations of artists and curated radio playlists to users. Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue explained that For You wasn't just algorithmically driven, that it also involved human curators.' http://mashable.com/2015/06/08/apple-music
I'm hoping they 'curate' genres with as much care as they are curating the 'young and hip' category that is Beats 1. I have hope that they launch a channel or three for multiple genres. I agree that Classical needs much love to make it work in a streaming service.
New Posts  All Forums: