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I would be shocked and dismayed if this included The Beatles catalog.
Picks up and unlocks iPhone.   Pages to app, press and hold.   Delete...   At least it wasn't Google, but wasn't wowed by it anyway.
Troubling.   If this is accurate and there isn't a compelling reason for me to leave Spotify, I don't see the point. Sounds like it's going to be a 'beta' service. That's still the state of iTunes Match, and it still has plenty of 'kinks.'
No thanks, spyware company.
Who denies this? That's how the hands-on displays are set up in Apple Stores.
How about charging cables? Do they have these in store now?   I was thinking of walking over to my local store tomorrow to pick up an extra one.
Meanwhile, my Watch hasn't gotten below 20% charge, even in a long day with exercise.
Fast. I like it. Android would have given up and released device 1.0.1   Downloading...
At the moment, I am still happy with my mid-2009 17-inch MBP (upgraded with SSD).   Apple, ship a Retina 17-inch model and you have my money.
Desparation. I will drop Spotify the moment Apple's Beats Music happens.
New Posts  All Forums: